The Only Content Marketing Tactics You Need to Know (Really)

The Only Content Marketing Tactics You Need to Know (Really)

2017-11-16 09:00:00 | Khylie Gardner | content strategy

Marketing is a fast-paced world. It’s constantly evolving – and it can be incredibly challenging to keep up. Oftentimes, it seems like whenever we adapt new strategies to meet our customers’ needs and desires, they change. Go figure, right?

I think that’s what makes content marketing so intimidating for so many small business owners, who are often overextended and working with limited funds. The truth is that small businesses need to be able to adapt and evolve their marketing strategies almost constantly–and few channels afford the creativity and freedom of content marketing. So if you’re not engaging in content marketing, you should be.

Content Marketing Tactics That Rule

Did you know that content marketing is an indisputable source of ROI? It’s true – this study by Smart Insights and HubSpot found that more than 50% of marketers have seen the benefits of content marketing. What makes it so good? Here’s a few content marketing tactics that guarantee it will make a big splash – no matter your budget.

Create Value

The thing about content is that everyone is trying to do it–and most people are doing a bad job. Harsh, but true. In order to cut through the clutter of our over-saturated digital world, you have to create content that people actually want to engage with. Admittedly, doing so is hard work. But it’s so worth it.

To create value, and actually get the attention of your audience, you need to create purpose-driven content that is useful and unique. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your content should only be utilitarian in nature. Remember that people need to laugh, smile, and relax, as much as they need to know the ten best ways to remove a wine stain from white carpet or tips for overcoming insomnia.

Feeling overwhelmed? You shouldn’t be! The great thing about this content marketing tactic is that content means so much: it could be a video, meme, event, blog post…or so much more. Content marketing is hard work, but the possibilities are endless!

Know Your Audience

You could be creating the coolest, funniest, most helpful pieces of content in the world, but if the right people aren’t seeing it, then what’s the point? The key is to get your killer content to a group of highly defined, super-specific people–the people you want to be in business with.

We’ve said it a million times before: knowing your audience is so, so important. We hate to say it, but your content (and your business) aren’t going to be for everyone. Knowing your audience will not only allow you to make sure that you get your message to the right people, but it will also help you to shape your brand into everything that you want it to be.

Not sure who your audience is? Radiant Founder Karen Cummings helps you figure out where to start in her blog post about buyer personas.