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We’re committed to supporting your business as if it was our own

We’re committed to initiating long term growth, implementing quick fix wins & investigating the data

We’re committed to complete transparency, honesty and flexibility with our clients

Our team of marketing strategists, writers, developers and designers is passionate & dedicated to cultivating positive change in our world – and success in your business


Founder & Inbound Marketing Specialist

After eight years in client and agency, positions, Karen founded Radiant Marketing, LLC in 2015. Since 2007 she has provided strategic digital marketing solutions for small businesses & startups, with a focus on the health and wellness industry. She is HubSpot certified and passionate about creatively designing and implementing marketing strategies that drive high-impact results. She is motivated by the possibilities now available to small businesses through technology, and the opportunity to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. In her free time she enjoys spending time traveling with her amazing husband, and welcomed their first son into the world in February 2018!


Client Communications & Project Manager

Haylie joined Radiant Marketing after graduating from Arizona State University and having earned three Bachelor of Science degrees from the W.P. Carey School of Business in Accounting, Marketing and Management. She’s passionate about helping small businesses grow and an avid learner.

In her downtime, Haylie enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

  • My favorite hobby is: Traveling
  • My favorite food is: Tacos & salsa
  • I’m afraid of: Bees
  • My hidden talent is: My ability to get ready in five minutes flat 
  • My guilty pleasure is: Carrot cake
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Ability to teleport!
  • My spirit animal is: Dolphin
  • My favorite celebrity is: Paul Rudd
  • My favorite hobby is: Cooking for family
  • My favorite food is: Italian
  • I’m afraid of: Birds
  • My hidden talent is: Packing
  • My guilty pleasure is: Nap time
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Breathe underwater
  • My spirit animal is: My dog
  • My celebrity is: Blake Lively


Admin & Marketing Assistant

Natalie is the Administrative & Marketing Assistant with Radiant Marketing. She is also a work-at-home mom to a beautiful curly-haired little girl. With over 12 years of administrative experience, Natalie is passionate about helping others complete projects and solve problems effectively while staying organized. In addition to all of that, she runs a successful vintage electronic e-commerce business with her best friend and husband, Devry. In her free time, Natalie enjoys going thrifting and planning for the next outdoor adventure with her family.


Social Media Specialist

Sean is Radiant’s Social Media Specialist! As an Arizona native, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Northern Arizona University. He is always looking to learn new things and try different hobbies. In his free time he enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, watching tv or spending time with family and friends.

  • My favorite hobby is: Thrift Shopping for vintage items
  • My favorite food is: I have too many! Probably Mexican food.
  • I’m afraid of: (kind of a dark fear lol) something bad happening to my family
  • My hidden talent is: I’m pretty artistic…
  • My guilty pleasure is: Learning about Metaphysics
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Telepathy
  • My spirit animal is: a CowDoberman
  • My favorite celebrity is: David Wilcock
  • My favorite hobby is: Watching soccer
  • My favorite food is: Korean Fried Chicken
  • I’m afraid of: Falling from high places
  • My hidden talent is: I play the saxophone
  • My guilty pleasure is: Starting projects that I really want to complete but never finishing them
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Invisibility
  • My spirit animal is: A red fox
  • My favorite celebrity is: Hank Green


Web Developer

Isaiah was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He first started web developing early in highschool when he wanted to build a portfolio and show off to his friends. He is currently enrolled at GCU for a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Programming. Isaiah is recently married, a barista, and a web developer. When he is not making coffee or making websites you can find him spending time with his wife and going on adventures with his dog.


Graphic Designer

Joel is an Arizona native and first started designing back in high school when he would make custom MySpace pages for friends and classmates. He now has a Bachelors of Science degree in Visual Communication Design from Arizona State University, and currently works full time as a Graphic designer with a focus on web design. When he’s not behind a computer screen you can find him spending time with his beautiful wife and three amazing kids.

  • My favorite hobby is: Hanging out with my dog and my wife
  • My favorite food is: Pizza
  • I’m afraid of: Spiders
  • My hidden talent is: I can dunk a basketball
  • My guilty pleasure is: Rewatching the Office
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Flight
  • My spirit animal is: Hawk
  • My favorite celebrity is: John Krasinksi
  • My favorite hobby is: Wood working
  • My favorite food is: Sushi or anything ‘birthday cake’ flavored
  • I’m afraid of: Tight spaces
  • My hidden talent is: Cooking up a mean breakfast
  • My guilty pleasure is: Random conspiracy theory videos
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: The ability to remember everything
  • My spirit animal is: Baby Dory (from Finding Dory)
  • My favorite celebrity is: Nick Offerman


Design & User Experience

Christine takes on every design problem with a human-centered approach. Through design thinking, she puts the human at the center of the design. She’s highly analytical, weighing both the business and user perspective of any service or interaction problem presented. She brings an innovative, creative and justified thinking and style to all of her projects. She collaborates with cross discipline teams to conduct design research including secondary, competitive, market trends, interviews and field research to then analyze and produce insights from observations and data.

  • My favorite hobby is: Going to music shows
  • My favorite food is: Street tacos
  • I’m afraid of: Spiders
  • My hidden talent is: Artist on Etsy
  • My guilty pleasure is: Donuts
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Teleportation
  • My spirit animal is: Doberman
  • My celebrity is: Mark Ruffalo

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What our clients say

"The Radiant team works hard to be innovative, creative and organized. Most importantly, they really understand our brand and stay consistent in the marketing of it - and that's powerful."

–  Susan Wilder, MD | LifeScape

"I made the right decision hiring Radiant. Based on what I saw in Radiant's CEO - her domain knowledge, expertise and passion - I knew that she would only look for the same type of people on her team. I was sure it was going to be a good partnership."

–  Jack Liu, Founder & Managing Partner | ProCARE Portal

"Going from [our previous agency] to Radiant has been life changing. We're now getting deliverables we like AND getting them on time. Feeling like you have someone that actually cares about your business - and is a trusted resource - is so valuable."

–  Amanda Long, Co-President | Hot Air Expeditions

"Radiant's value really comes from the boutique style of service they offer. It's a hands-on approach that you really don't get with larger marketing agencies."

–  Noelle Cesario, Medical Aesthetics Specialist | LifeScape

"Karen and her entire crew are amazing! My company is a small but fast growing startup which requires constant pivoting and lots of trial and error to break into the market place. Karen's team has been relentless-- bringing to us creative strategies and ideas to keep our look fresh and modern. Thank you Radiant Marketing for being a valuable team member to HybridChart and to making us look soooooo good. ♥️ you people!"

–  Stacey Schaefer, HybridChart | Hospital Rounding & Charge Capture Solution

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