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We are in the business of cultivating awareness, leads, and customers the right way for health brands. Our approach supports you in creating a well-positioned brand, generating high-quality leads, and converting those leads into customers. We partner with brands that look to have a positive impact on the world, and with teams who are passionate about making that happen.

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Complete a comprehensive marketing diagnostic to create a high-impact plan. Identify key opportunities to achieve your marketing objective of branding, lead gen or and/or sales.


Develop and execute on quarterly marketing campaigns designed to cultivate a memorable brand, generate new leads or close more new business.


Optimize + iterate on campaigns to drive greater results month over month, decreasing lead and customer acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value.

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Inbound and digital marketing guidance, tips and strategies from the Radiant team.

[Guide] Generate Sales: Sales Enablement for Healthcare

Generate Sales: A Radiant Guide to Sales Enablement for Healthcare Generate Sales Guide Sections: Introduction to Generating Sales Building a Foundation To Empower Your Sales Team Healthcare Sales Strategies and Measuring Success Conclusion Section 1: Generate Sales – An Introduction to Healthcare Sales Enablement In the intricate world of healthcare marketing, the concept of sales …

Don’t Settle for Less…

Don’t Settle for Less… Fellow visionary leaders – are you playing small? What stories are holding your brand back from breaking through to the next level? What questions have been left unanswered that could change the trajectory of your business?  Let’s get radically honest. We created our Diagnostic Programs to dig deep into the human …

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Our marketing framework and processes encompass proven strategies for growth, while addressing the unique needs and goals of your business. Get started today with a complimentary Discovery Call.

What our clients say

"The Radiant team works hard to be innovative, creative and organized. Most importantly, they really understand our brand and stay consistent in the marketing of it - and that's powerful."

–  Susan Wilder, MD | LifeScape

"I made the right decision hiring Radiant. Based on what I saw in Radiant's CEO - her domain knowledge, expertise and passion - I knew that she would only look for the same type of people on her team. I was sure it was going to be a good partnership."

–  Jack Liu, Founder & Managing Partner | ProCARE Portal

"Going from [our previous agency] to Radiant has been life changing. We're now getting deliverables we like AND getting them on time. Feeling like you have someone that actually cares about your business - and is a trusted resource - is so valuable."

–  Amanda Long, Co-President | Hot Air Expeditions

"Radiant's value really comes from the boutique style of service they offer. It's a hands-on approach that you really don't get with larger marketing agencies."

–  Noelle Cesario, Medical Aesthetics Specialist | LifeScape

"Karen and her entire crew are amazing! My company is a small but fast growing startup which requires constant pivoting and lots of trial and error to break into the market place. Karen's team has been relentless-- bringing to us creative strategies and ideas to keep our look fresh and modern. Thank you Radiant Marketing for being a valuable team member to HybridChart and to making us look soooooo good. ♥️ you people!"

–  Stacey Schaefer, HybridChart | Hospital Rounding & Charge Capture Solution

"My experience with the Radiant team has been nothing short of spectacular! The [website] work was clearly defined from the moment we began, and I felt at ease in turning the job over to the team. Everyone was prompt and responsive to my questions, and I couldn’t have asked for a better website design. Because the team did such a fantastic job on my website, I asked them to move forward with helping in ad design for print and social media. Immediately I noticed an increase in client calls that converted to customers. I cannot thank them enough for their excellent work and the increased sales it has given my business!"

–  Janie Dalrymple | Your Patient's Advocate