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Tackling each project with passion and determination, we’ve been working hard to turn heads for our partners. Here are a few of our projects that have delivered great outcomes for our clients.

health & wellness

hand & physical therapy

Generated a 46% lift in online patient appointment requests in one year,
98% lift over two years. In addition, marketing initiatives
increased website visits by 565% in one year.

health provider

podiatry practice

Successful brand identity development resulted in 130%+ lift in impressions and 100% lift in website visits from branded search terms. Facebook strategy resulted in 25%+ increase year-over-year in website visits and 105% increase in Contact Page views.

health tech

online personal health

Implementing a strategic, search optimized blog content strategy contributed to a 1740% increase in organic traffic over a 12 month timeframe.

health & wellness


Generated over 120 new patient leads and 20+ new concierge medicine & aesthetic patients in a 12-month timeframe.

retail , technology, sales & marketing

b2b automotive software

Activated 850 leads, created 189 deals and closed 139 customers, resulting in over $2M in additional revenue in six months.

food & beverage

greenwood brewing

From Elegant Beer Drinker to Greenwood Brewing, discover how Radiant Marketing transformed this brand and grew their digital presence exponentially with an engaged fan base.

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Every business is different. And while there are tactics and strategies that carry across businesses, your approach will be unique to your brand, goals and challenges. Our solutions are for businesses who impact the health & wellness industry.