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When you partner with our experienced and enthusiastic team, you can expect an agency committed to achieving high-impact results for your brand.

We begin our engagements with a digital marketing diagnostic to provide the insights necessary for an effective brand strategy and marketing roadmap. Our standard digital marketing engagements focus on brand development, lead generation and/or lead-to-customer conversion.

Programs include a mix of our services, designed to help you achieve your key objective. Services may include digital/web design, copywriting, social media marketing, advertising, email marketing, CRM, marketing automation, sales enablement, website conversion optimization + management, and campaign analysis + optimization.

our approach

Health brands choose Radiant because of our deep industry knowledge and our unique ability to create and implement an approach that is both creative and results-oriented. Brands stay with us because of the exceptional experience our team creates, and our commitment to their success.

To start, we align on goals, expectations and roles. This sets the foundation for a successful strategy and partnership. Due to our meaningful & long-lasting brand partnerships, we limit our client portfolio to ensure you always receive the personalized attention you deserve, providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Build the Foundation

All businesses want more leads and customers, of course. To get there, you first must establish a strong marketing foundation by ensuring all marketing initiatives are strategically and technically set up for success.

Keep Your Focus

Keep your eye on the ball with comprehensive campaign performance tracking & reporting. Take strategic, consistent steps towards more leads, more customers and higher revenue.

Analyze + Adjust

Our proven marketing approach, and our team, are designed to be adaptable and flexible based on campaign performance. We pivot quickly and effectively to ensure we’re driving the greatest results for your business.

we help clients increase impact & revenue

Successful businesses maintain value-focused, brand-aligned inbound marketing strategies. Discover how we’re impacting our clients’ growth.

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We love working with innovative brands on a mission to positively impact the world. Our ‘best fit’ clients – who reap the greatest rewards from our work together – fit the following:

    • In the health & wellness space
    • Have at least one individual dedicated to marketing
    • Can share important metrics to illustrate the success of our campaigns
    • Have marketing & sales teams in sync with one another
    • Are ready to move beyond obvious and mundane functional benefits and focus their brand message on the emotional value they bring consumers, tapping into people’s deepest motivations, dreams and desires

Digital Health Diagnosis

Once we’ve established we’ll make a dream team, we dive into our initial Digital Health Diagnosis. This diagnosis provides insights that influence and shape the brand idea, overarching digital marketing strategy, campaigns and recommended tactics.

The Digital Health Diagnosis kicks off with an alignment meeting to ensure our goals, resources and success metrics are aligned moving into the engagement. The Diagnosis is then wrapped up with a Discovery Readout where we present your proposed brand idea, differentiators, identity elements and marketing strategy/campaign recommendations.

Moving Beyond Discovery

From there, you can choose to hire our expert team to execute our recommendations or collaborate with us to guide your own team’s execution.

Typically our marketing recommendations focus on creative strategies to grow your online community, convert your website visitors into leads, further engage existing leads and/or increase revenue from new & existing customers. Once a plan is in action, we continuously monitor performance to optimize & iterate upon concepts to maximize outcomes.

A personalized touch + long-lasting partnership

We’re in it for YOU to win it! Our clients aren’t just a number or an ‘account’ to us. Our team is accessible, flexible and collaborative in our partnerships – providing a personalized and truly supportive agency relationship. We aim to grow with your brand as business grows from our campaigns.

If you feel like we’d be a good fit – schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today.

Let’s join forces.

Building the foundation for sustainable growth and a successful health & wellness brand takes time. Don’t wait any longer. Get started today and create & execute on a marketing strategy that drives real results for your business.

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What our clients say

"The Radiant team works hard to be innovative, creative and organized. Most importantly, they really understand our brand and stay consistent in the marketing of it - and that's powerful."

–  Susan Wilder, MD | LifeScape

"I made the right decision hiring Radiant. Based on what I saw in Radiant's CEO - her domain knowledge, expertise and passion - I knew that she would only look for the same type of people on her team. I was sure it was going to be a good partnership."

–  Jack Liu, Founder & Managing Partner | ProCARE Portal

"Going from [our previous agency] to Radiant has been life changing. We're now getting deliverables we like AND getting them on time. Feeling like you have someone that actually cares about your business - and is a trusted resource - is so valuable."

–  Amanda Long, Co-President | Hot Air Expeditions

"Radiant's value really comes from the boutique style of service they offer. It's a hands-on approach that you really don't get with larger marketing agencies."

–  Noelle Cesario, Medical Aesthetics Specialist | LifeScape

"Karen and her entire crew are amazing! My company is a small but fast growing startup which requires constant pivoting and lots of trial and error to break into the market place. Karen's team has been relentless-- bringing to us creative strategies and ideas to keep our look fresh and modern. Thank you Radiant Marketing for being a valuable team member to HybridChart and to making us look soooooo good. ♥️ you people!"

–  Stacey Schaefer, HybridChart | Hospital Rounding & Charge Capture Solution

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