This is Why Your Email Open Rates Suck

This is Why Your Email Open Rates Suck

2017-11-30 09:00:00 | Khylie Gardner | email marketing

Email is the OG digital marketing tactic. And although some marketers will argue that volume has caused consumers to stop listening, you shouldn’t count it out. The truth is that good emails still get opened, read and clicked on. It’s just that most emails aren’t all that great.

If you’re struggling with low email open rates, consider that it may not be email’s fault. It could be because your email marketing strategy isn’t up to snuff.

3 Reasons Why Your Email Open Rates Stink

Your Subject Line Is No Good

Spammy headlines are death to your email open rates. In fact, the majority of communications that get reported as spam never get opened–they get marked as spam simply because the email subject line is bad. That means that a good subject line is critical. If your emails sound like common spam offers, your email open rates will plummet. Not sure which words will set off email spam filter algorithms? Check out this list of 455 trigger words to avoid in 2017.

Are you in the camp that thinks email marketing is dead? We disagree – here’s why it still matters.

Your Segmentation Is Bad

Email lists need to be actively managed. Chances are, as your business grows, you’ll have multiple email lists comprised of people who you want to see specific messages (hello, buyer personas!) Outdated email lists can be incredibly problematic.

For example, imagine that you sell baby clothes. Even a well-designed email is pointless if your list is made up of people who needed baby clothes five years ago. If you haven’t segmented your audience properly–and often–you’ll see your email open rates hit depressing lows. Consider dividing up your email list based on your buyer personas, your audience’s level of engagement, or the stage that a customer is at in their journey towards purchase.

You’re Talking At Them, Not To Them

Personalization matters! If you’re dealing with low email open rates, chances are you’re not personalizing emails. Adestra reports that personalized email subject lines can result in 22% higher open rates. If you have the first names of everyone on your email list, consider adding a field for name personalization to your subject line. After all, no one likes to feel like a cog in the machine. Consider this an act of customer care. Email marketing platforms like MailChimp can help you personalize emails easily.