How Ask Tia is Providing a Fresh Take on Women’s Health

How Ask Tia is Providing a Fresh Take on Women’s Health

2019-05-22 00:43:47 | Melissa Little | Women in Business,healthcare marketing

Do you remember the last time you went to the doctor? And not an urgent care or walk-in clinic, but to actually see your primary care physician face-to-face, for an appointment?

I do.

It was 10 years ago (I’ve been extremely fortunate healthwise). In fact, I hadn’t been to a doctor in so long that ten years ago, at age 18, I hadn’t even bothered to get an “adult doctor”—the only one I knew to go to was my childhood pediatrician.

When I did end up scheduling an appointment for my sore throat and fatigue, I was super disappointed in my experience.

Not only was I unable to see my regular doctor (he couldn’t fit me in on short notice), but the doctor I did see didn’t believe me when I told him I thought I might have mono. He refused to even test me for it.

Instead, he brushed me off and tried to prescribe me antibiotics instead. When I asked what would happen if I took those antibiotics and I did have mono, he said I would break out in a rash.

Not wanting to add a painful rash to my list of symptoms, I begged to be tested for mono just in case. He sighed, rolled his eyes, and finally agreed. A few days later, he called to tell me I did, in fact, have mono.

This story may seem like a trivial one. What I had wasn’t that serious and eventually went away on its own. But what if it was serious, and hadn’t gone away?

What if I was struggling with real health problems, like chronic illness or something that hadn’t been diagnosed yet? And when I finally met with the doctor, he rolled his eyes and refused to even consider the possibility that I might know what was wrong with my body?

This is an unfortunate reality for many people, particularly women.

According to new data from the Edelman Trust Barometer, only 53% of women trust the healthcare industry, compared to 69% of men. This doesn’t surprise me at all, considering my experience and those of other women I know who are trying to take care of themselves and instead get ridiculed, misdiagnosed, or ignored.

Of course, this is all assuming they can even get an appointment to see a doctor in the first place. In the U.S., it takes an average of 24 days to schedule a first-time appointment with a physician. There’s a reason why 45 percent of millennials are eschewing primary care physicians and instead turning to walk-in clinics and urgent cares.

However, as a woman, I should have the option of addressing all of my health needs and not just visit a clinic when I’m too sick to ignore it anymore. I should be allowed to have the experience of a primary care physician who actually cares about my overall wellness – mental, physical and sexual. We all should.

That’s why we were beyond elated when we happened upon The Tia Clinic. The Tia Clinic is a *truly* progressive company who’s addressing real issues with women’s healthcare and finally providing solutions we can get behind.

How The Tia Clinic & Ask Tia is Creating a Healthcare Experience All Women Need

The Tia Clinic, and their app AskTia, is the answer we’ve been hoping for. They are flipping women’s health on its head and addressing issues that have been bogging down the system for years:

  • Primary care physicians are difficult to access, have limited office hours & appointment availability
  • Many women feel disconnected from their doctor (especially in a walk-in clinic where you’ve never met your provider before)
  • Uncomfortable and stressful visits, especially if you don’t have the trust and relationship that allows you to ask the tough questions (like about sexual and reproductive health)

The Tia Clinic, in New York City, is seeking to do away with all of that. They are a modern gynecology and wellness practice designed to care for the whole woman.

ask tia app 2ask tia app 3

Photo credit: Ask Tia app

They offer flexible scheduling via your smartphone with early and late office hours (7am to 9:30PM!) as well as an app that gives you real, medically-supported answers for your health questions, so you can stop frantically Googling late at night. There are no walls, no euphemisms—Ask Tia addresses all the hard-to-ask questions (how many UTI’s is too many?) in an approachable, fresh way.

Why We Love Their Brand

ask tia 1

Photo credit: Ask Tia

Aside from the fact our agency is full of women who understand what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in a doctor’s office, we love The Tia Clinic and Ask Tia from a digital marketing and branding standpoint, too.

The Tia Clinic is proving that we don’t have to say “well, that’s just how it is” when it comes to our health.

As a business, they’re providing a standard for healthcare that, as consumers, we expect from everyone else. It blows my mind that we just accept poor care, long waits, inconvenience, and more when it comes to our healthcare, but wouldn’t think twice about posting a 1-star review if a restaurant provided the same terrible experience.

They said “boy, bye” to the healthcare branding status quo

Not to mention, as a brand, they really know their audience. If you aren’t looking for education with a side of sassy quips, then they probably aren’t for you—and they’re totally okay with that. They aren’t afraid to show their brand identity and connect with a certain segment of consumers. This is exactly what we all should be doing to create incredibly loyal brand advocates.

We’re also LOVING their brand look

The Tia Clinic and the Ask Tia app inspires us with their website (it’s gorgeous) and their values as a company. How many healthcare brands stop you in your tracks and make you say “you’ve got to check them out”? It’s a rare and beautiful thing, and that’s why we had to spread the word.

If you live in NYC, be sure to look up The Tia Clinic. And if you don’t, check out the app AskTia. Trust us, this company (and your health) is worth the download.

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