Brand Storytelling: Attract Your Tribe with a ‘True to You’ Message

Brand Storytelling: Attract Your Tribe with a ‘True to You’ Message

2019-03-08 14:00:00 | Melissa Little | building your brand

These days, attracting customers and patients is much less about jargon and canned messaging compared to the ‘olden days’ of messaging. Rather, it’s about the story you’re telling about your brand’s values and purpose, and if your audience can see themselves in that narrative.

We’re not going to sugar coat it, creating content that tells a story that’s informative and emotionally effective can be pretty tough. And it’s not just about writing one long, story-like blog post about how you got started, either. It’s about incorporating this story into all of your messaging, website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, emails and more.

So we’re asking you to ask yourself a few questions. Carve out a couple of minutes this week to sit down and write out your responses to the following –

What’s the story you’re trying to tell?

Why did you start this brand in the first place?

What’s the narrative that your audience will be able to identify with and picture themselves inside of it?

If your target market feels a connection to your brand, not only will they be more likely to become customers, but this bond will encourage them to become natural, lifelong brand advocates, as well.

If you need further proof that brand storytelling really works – before you invest in shifting your message – check out these four wellness brands who have absolutely nailed their storytelling.

4 Wellness Brands Using Expert Level Storytelling to Attract Their Tribe


brand storytelling hims


Hims excellent brand storytelling is likely one of the reasons this company skyrocketed, valued at 200 million in March 2018, shortly after their launch. Their company is founded on the idea and message that they understand that men have specific health needs and concerns but often have a more difficult time talking about these issues with a doctor.

Their company is founded by men, for men, and written with the type of casual “hey man, listen up” language that really speaks to their specific audience: men who have health questions, but feel awkward in a waiting room.

Hims entire brand narrative speaks to their values as a company and their desire to help men with tough-to-talk-about issues like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and more.

brand storytelling goop


While goop has been under fire recently for some not-so-true claims they have made about a few of their wellness products, there’s no denying that they know exactly how to cultivate their brand’s story.

Goop’s entire website creates a story about a lifestyle that their customers want to climb inside and live in. The visuals, whimsical and snarky messaging, and informative blog posts draw in the reader and promote a feeling of good, clean health and beauty.

The company’s celebrity founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, has long been extremely vocal about her love of wellness, excellent health, and the luxurious things in life. Goop does an incredible job of bringing them all together in a way that seems (almost) achievable for the everyday woman.

brand storytelling goodlife fitness

Goodlife Fitness

Many gyms promote the end results – rock hard abs, perfect bodies, massive strength. But Goodlife Fitness decided to promote their client base instead. By creating brand storytelling that focuses on the “average Joe”, Goodlife Fitness has become much more accessible to their ideal customer: someone for whom health is priority, but that is looking for a safe, non-judgmental place to achieve it.

Their brand storytelling focuses on real people and real stories that align with what Goodlife Fitness believes in. And what better way to reach more of your target audience than by sharing stories of current clients they can relate to?

brand storytelling burts bees

Burt’s Bees

Since it’s beginning in 1984, Burt’s Bees has been open about the three P’s that are driving their business: people, profit, and planet. All of their messaging is true to their humble start when an artist and a beekeeper met while hitchhiking and, eventually, after a craft fair and a few wax candles, built a successful business that makes all sorts of natural hair, face, and body products.

They still believe in their philosophy that “what you put on your body should be made from the best nature has to offer” and that message is clear in every piece of content they put out.

They use photos and videos to share their stories, their trial and errors, and more. They often go behind-the-scenes and talk about how they’ve achieved their Carbon Neutral Certification and how their packaging is sustainable.

Burt’s Bees also refers to their client base as being part of the “hive”. This is a great way of creating a community within their brand and promoting the feeling of inclusivity.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Utilizing brand storytelling in a way that’s informative, compelling, and truthful is the perfect way to zoom in on your perfect target audience. Take inspiration from these wellness brands who are truly “doing it right” and look at your own current messaging.

To get started, ask yourself if your brand storytelling shares your values and speaks to the heart. If the messages your sending feel aligned with who you are, why you started your business and the audience your brand is representing. If it doesn’t, there’s no better time than right now to get aligned and powerfully position your brand for success.

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