3 Elements of a Killer Inbound Marketing Strategy

3 Elements of a Killer Inbound Marketing Strategy

2017-01-05 13:00:00 | radiantmarketing | inbound marketing,marketing strategy

Every business needs a good marketing strategy. But if you’re a small business, or just getting started, it can be difficult to know what kind of marketing will be the most effective for you. There’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing plan, but there is one thing that we swear by at Radiant Marketing, and that’s a good inbound marketing strategy. Businesses in all industries can benefit from a killer inbound marketing strategy, because the premise is so adaptable. We’re so sure that inbound will work for your business that we’re explaining the 3 basic elements of a good inbound marketing strategy to help you get started.

Kickstart Your Inbound Marketing Strategy With These 3 Tips

Amazing Content

Content is the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy. Strong content has the power to draw your audience in, help them form connections with your brand, and push them through their journey towards a sale. It can come in the form of videos, blogs, or even downloadable guides. Your medium will depend on what you’re hoping to get from it. Scripted videos require additional resources but when well done, could go viral. Blogs (like this one) can be written in advance and shared across your social media, leading your followers back to your website.

Regardless of the medium you choose, your content has to serve a purpose. A blog for blog’s sake does not an effective inbound marketing strategy make. Remember that your content has to inspire, entertain, or educate your audience if you want to see real results.

Social Media Presence

Your content could be top-notch, but have you thought about how people are going to see it? Your social media presence is an important platform for sharing all of that amazing content you’re creating, and for forming relationships with your customers. This is an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy because a good social media presence will drive people to your website and help you increase sales. If you’re not sure which social media your business should be on, only commit to platforms that you can post to consistently.

The biggest mistake we see on social media? Not keeping it social! People use apps like Instagram and Facebook because they want to connect with others, and that includes your brand! Social media can be a great platform to push sales or inform your customers about deals you have going on, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you post. Foster your relationship with your customers by sharing posts that will bring joy to their feeds – especially if it can inspire them to click the share button!

A Call-To-Action

So after you’ve created amazing content and wooed your customers with charming Instagram posts, what comes next? A strong call-to-action is how you tell your customers what you want to them to do, and it is an essential in any inbound marketing strategy. A good CTA could be to download your ebook, sign up for a consultation, or join your mailing list. They can help you generate leads, nurture them, and close more deals.

All of your content should include some kind of call-to-action that drives your customers to interact with your brand further. Without one, none of your other efforts will generate the results that you are hoping to see.