5 Essential Questions to Create Your Brand Persona

5 Essential Questions to Create Your Brand Persona

In a market saturated with options, defining your brand persona sets the stage for meaningful connections with your best-fit consumers, making it a crucial component to navigating the digital landscape effectively. 

We’ve identified five essential questions every health & wellness brand should answer in order to effectively build out their brand persona.

Brand Persona Overview

Your brand persona is the person that your brand was created for; the reason your business exists. Building out this brand persona profile helps your team create a connection with your target audience on a deeper, more personal level. 

Understanding this individual is the secret sauce to transform your brand from another product/service on the market, into a relatable and memorable brand in the hearts and minds of your audience. 

Let’s explore the five crucial questions that will help you uncover and refine your brand persona, setting the stage for marketing success in the health & wellness industry…

1. Who is Your “Person”?

Like a soulmate in life and love, your persona is your brand’s soulmate. The reason your brand exists is to serve these individuals. If this persona goes unidentified, then you’ll find yourself marketing into the great abyss, with messages that resonate with no one.

To start, identify specifics about the individual. This could include:

  • Demographics – Picture Sarah, a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast who is navigating a busy career while prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. Understanding her age and gender helps tailor your brand messaging to align with her life stage and unique needs.
  • Psychographics – Meet James, a health-conscious individual aspiring to achieve holistic well-being. Understanding his attitudes towards wellness and discovering that he values sustainable and science-backed approaches to health, provides insights that help shape your brand’s identity.
  • Behaviors – Consider Emma, whose behavior involves frequent engagement with wellness content on social media, showcasing a preference for digital platforms. Understanding her behavior helps you optimize marketing efforts on channels where she’s most active.
  • Firmographics – Enter Chris, a business professional actively seeking solutions to provide his clients with work-life balance. Firmographics, in this context, may include details about Chris’s company size, solutions, culture and more, helping your brand understand the challenges he faces and tailoring solutions that fit into his corporate lifestyle.

Look to your most ideal customers to guide the development of these personas. Collect surveys, conduct interviews, and engage with your audience on social media. 

Lean on the business’s founder and/or CEO to dive into the history of the brand and the story behind why it was created.

The answers you uncover in these conversations will not only help you build out the persona, it will provide you with delicious and juicy insights to use in your brand storytelling moving forward!

2. What Values Does Your Brand Embody?

Like most industries, in health and wellness, consumers seek brands that align with their values and beliefs. 

Defining and authentically living your core values helps to create clarity and connection with your brand persona. Whether it’s your commitment to holistic well-being, sustainability, or scientific innovation, your values will often be what creates a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your audience. These values should tie directly to your persona’s attitudes and aspirations, and help them achieve their goals in the way they’re seeking. Ultimately becoming the key drivers in purchasing your brand over another. 

Clearly communicate these values consistently across all brand touchpoints, from marketing materials to customer interactions. Authenticity is key, so ensure that your actions align with the values you profess.

3. What Problems Does Your Brand Solve?

Your business was (hopefully) created with the clear vision of solving a specific problem (or two). 

Identify the primary challenges or pain points you solve for, and ensure that the persona you’re building out relates to and prioritizes the solving of this problem. 

Whether it’s managing specific chronic conditions, promoting mental health, or reaching new fitness levels, your brand should provide meaningful solutions that solve a pressing and relevant problem. 

In your customer interviews and surveys, include questions like:

  • What is/was the biggest challenge you face, as it relates to [your product/service/industry]?
  • What were you hoping to achieve with [our product]? 
  • Have you made progress towards that? How does that feel?

Position your brand as a problem solver – focused on outcomes and benefits – and communicate how your products or services address these challenges. Use real-life examples and stories from customers to bring this problem-solution story to life and entice more individuals in your target audience to take action.

4. What Makes Your Brand a Unicorn?

In a sea of endless options in nearly all industries, standing out is essential. What do you do that no other company does to the same degree, of the same quality, in the same way, etc. How is your brand different in the most wonderful ways?

Once you’ve defined this internally, evaluate competitors and collect feedback from prospects to understand if these differentiators hold true and if they actually matter to your brand persona. Ask questions like:

  • Is [our brand] the sole provider for [service/product]? If not, who else do/have you used? What did they do well?
  • What do you feel the competition does well (in general)?
  • What could the industry improve upon as a whole?
  • How do you feel we compare to the competition?
  • What do you think makes us unique?
  • What made you decide to go with us over competitor A/B/C?

Your ‘unicorn’ factors could be a proprietary approach, a distinct visual identity, a groundbreaking product feature, a specific and unique process, a revolutionary customer service/support component, or a number of other things. 

Once defined and validated, highlight these differentiators in your communication and brand strategy to capture the attention of consumers.

5. How Can Your Brand Effectively Engage?

Understanding where your audience is active is crucial in crafting effective engagement strategies. Start by taking a look at where your target demographic thrives – whether that be on social media platforms, online forums, or digital health and wellness communities. Recognize the channels where they seek information about products and services similar to yours and tailor your communications to resonate with their preferences, using language and visuals that align with their values.

Beyond the digital landscape, consider offline avenues such as health events, fitness classes, or wellness workshops where your audience may congregate. Crafting a multi-channel approach ensures a comprehensive outreach strategy that meets your brand persona where they are, creating a presence and active involvement in the spaces that matter most to your community.

The Benefits of a Well-Defined Brand Persona

A well-defined brand persona makes it easier to establish trust and credibility amongst your best-fit prospects, as your deep understanding of their wants, needs, desires and goals makes communication authentic, relevant and valuable.

As individuals, we surround ourselves with people who we feel understand us and can relate to us. The same goes for the brands we follow or love. Our sense of trust, loyalty and reliability increases when we feel a brand understands us.

And lastly, a well-defined brand persona also serves as a guiding force to ensure that everyone on your team is aligned with who they are here to serve and how to best serve them.

Overall, a strong brand persona becomes a powerful asset, driving customer engagement, fostering loyalty, and contributing to the long-term success of your healthcare and wellness brand.

Radiant Marketing and Your Brand Persona

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Together, we can bring possibilities to life, amplify your story, and achieve success in the healthcare market. 

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