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Founder & Inbound Marketing Specialist

After eight years in client and agency, positions, Karen founded Radiant Marketing, LLC in 2015. Since 2007 she has provided strategic digital marketing solutions for small businesses & startups, with a focus on the health and wellness industry. She is HubSpot certified and passionate about creatively designing and implementing marketing strategies that drive high-impact results. She is motivated by the possibilities now available to small businesses through technology, and the opportunity to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. In her free time she enjoys spending time traveling with her amazing husband, and welcomed their first son into the world in February 2018!


Content Strategist

Melissa joined Radiant with a traditional print and media marketing background in late 2016, but has since reignited her passion for digital marketing and content strategy. Melissa is HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords certified (whew, that’s a mouthful!), and she uses those certifications to help us develop incredible campaigns for both Radiant Marketing and our clients. She’s passionate about small businesses and entrepreneurs, even minoring in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management in college. She focuses her energy on building brand awareness for our clients and generating leads to help grow their businesses.


Social Media Strategist

Christina recently returned home to Arizona after living abroad in Northern Ireland and Germany for the last decade. She has a passion for the way of the social media universe and enjoys driving results through content creation. Christina is committed to helping businesses succeed through developing and implementing client social media and content marketing strategies; ensuring the voice of the brand across all channels remains consistent and true to their values and unique culture.

  • My favorite hobby is: Traveling
  • My favorite food is: Tacos & salsa
  • I’m afraid of: Bees
  • My hidden talent is: My ability to get ready in five minutes flat 
  • My guilty pleasure is: Carrot cake
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Ability to teleport!
  • My spirit animal is: Dolphin
  • My favorite celebrity is: Paul Rudd
  • My favorite hobby is: Making up songs/playing music with my husband
  • My favorite food is: Tacos
  • I’m afraid of: Rock climbing
  • My hidden talent is: Juggling
  • My guilty pleasure is: Nora Roberts romance novels – only I don’t feel guilty about it. She’s brilliant.
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Telekinesis because sometimes stuff is just too far to reach while sitting down.
  • My spirit animal is: A domestic house cat, minus the sleeping
  • My celebrity is: Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark (can’t choose between ’em)
  • My favorite hobby is: Gardening
  • My favorite food is: Tacos
  • I’m afraid of: Jumping out of a plane
  • My hidden talent is: Moving/packing extraordinare- master Ikea assembler
  • My guilty pleasure is: Reality TV
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Reading minds
  • My spirit animal is: Hummingbird
  • My celebrity is: JLo


Branding & Digital Strategist

Angelina grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Phoenix in 2000. She attended Collins College, graduating in 2003 with a BA in Visual Communication. She then went on to earn her Masters Degree in Business from University of Phoenix. She has worked for various marketing agencies, engineering firms, and has been independent for over a decade; now landing at Radiant Marketing. Angelina has a passion for branding and marketing for all types of organizations. She thoroughly enjoys helping to grow businesses and see her clients dreams realized. She has a wonderful husband, and is a step-mom to 3 wonderful little girls, Lucy (6), Mia (5) and Briella (3). They also have 2 rescue white german shepherds named Bella and Enzo.


Client Communications & Project Manager

Haylie joined Radiant Marketing after graduating from Arizona State University and having earned three Bachelor of Science degrees from the W.P. Carey School of Business in Accounting, Marketing and Management. She’s passionate about helping small businesses grow and an avid learner.

In her downtime, Haylie enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.



Khylie joined Radiant Marketing after finishing a graduate degree in Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University focused on implementing brand strategy in digital spaces, especially across social media platforms. An Arizona native with an amazing marketing background, she, passionate about creative marketing, and is excited by the opportunities and challenges that exist in an ever. changing digital environment. Khylie is a main contributor to Radiant’s blog writing about everything from small business marketing tips and strategies to best practices for success, and you can read her content here,

  • My favorite hobby is: Kickboxing
  • My favorite food is: Toss up between cheeseburgers & Chinese food
  • I’m afraid of: Disappointing people
  • My hidden talent is: A ballerina and a cellist
  • My guilty pleasure is: Loooong baths and fast cars
  • If i had a superpower it would be: To heal
  • My spirit animal is: The wolf
  • My celebrity is: Johnny Depp
  • My favorite hobby is: Cooking for family
  • My favorite food is: Italian
  • I’m afraid of: Birds
  • My hidden talent is: Packing
  • My guilty pleasure is: Nap time
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Breathe underwater
  • My spirit animal is: My dog
  • My celebrity is: Blake Lively
  • My favorite hobby is: Being outdoors
  • My favorite food is: Seafood
  • I’m afraid of: Reptiles (eek!)
  • My hidden talent is: I’m good at building IKEA furniture!
  • My guilty pleasure is: FIFA
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: Teleportation for sure
  • My spirit animal is: A narwhal
  • My celebrity is: Chrissy Teigen


Design & User Experience

Christine takes on every design problem with a human-centered approach. Through design thinking, she puts the human at the center of the design. She’s highly analytical, weighing both the business and user perspective of any service or interaction problem presented. She brings an innovative, creative and justified thinking and style to all of her projects. She collaborates with cross discipline teams to conduct design research including secondary, competitive, market trends, interviews and field research to then analyze and produce insights from observations and data.


Graphic Designer

Emma has a Bachelors of Science degree in Visual Communication Design from Arizona State University and has been working in the graphic design field for a little more than fours years. She enjoys a variety of different crafts,
everything from design to illustration and painting and really loves anything she can make with her hands. When she, not busy creating, you’ll find Emma spending
time with family, seeing movies and taking care of her favorite new addition to her life, her baby girl Mabel Sue.


Graphic Designer

Joel is an Arizona native and first started designing back in high school when he would make custom MySpace pages for friends and classmates. He now has a Bachelors of Science degree in Visual Communication Design from Arizona State University, and currently works full time as a Graphic designer with a focus on web design. When he’s not behind a computer screen you can find him spending time with his beautiful wife and three amazing kids.

  • My favorite hobby is: Going to music shows
  • My favorite food is: Street tacos
  • I’m afraid of: Spiders
  • My hidden talent is: Artist on Etsy
  • My guilty pleasure is: Donuts
  • If i had a superpower it would be: Teleportation
  • My spirit animal is: Doberman
  • My favorite celebrity is: Mark Ruffalo
  • My celebrity is: Johnny Depp
  • My favorite hobby is: Drawing
  • My favorite food is: Sushi
  • I’m afraid of: Ants
  • My hidden talent is: My double-jointed thumb!
  • My guilty pleasure is: Real Housewives & The Bachelor/Bachelorette
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: To have a clean house at the snap of my fingers
  • My spirit animal is: A chubby cat
  • My celebrity is: Steve Carrell
  • My favorite hobby is: Wood working
  • My favorite food is: Sushi or anything ‘birthday cake’ flavored
  • I’m afraid of: Tight spaces
  • My hidden talent is: Cooking up a mean breakfast
  • My guilty pleasure is: Random conspiracy theory videos
  • If i had a superpower
    it would be: The ability to remember everything
  • My spirit animal is: Baby Dory (from Finding Dory)
  • My favorite celebrity is: Nick Offerman

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