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We believe entrepreneurs can pursue their passion AND be profitable when they’re equipped with the right tools, like our Get it Glowing Community. When you first decide to launch your business, it’s rare that the dollars start pouring in same day – or even same year. Rather, it takes time, patience, consistency and hard work. Lots and lots of hard work. That’s where we come in. We are partnering with motivated and determined entrepreneurs to help them take their businesses to new levels.

the get it glowing community

Our Get it Glowing Community provides business owners who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with a platform to learn, grow and overcome challenges preventing them from implementing effective marketing strategies. Access our team of marketing experts for any of your marketing questions, leverage a monthly one-to-one call for coaching, training or accountability check-ins and utilize our resources, tools and templates to stay organized, focused and effective.


Access a closed community of like-minded DIY business owners and entrepreneurs. The Radiant team manages this space, facilitating conversations, answering questions and offering resources for members. Use this space to ask us any of your burning marketing questions. Receive individualized, custom guidance and strategy to help you use your time and your marketing dollar most effectively.

glowing goodies

Get templates, tools and resources to make your life easier. Each month we cover a specific topic addressing a common small business challenge (we know it’s common because we’ve worked with small businesses for over 10 years!). With each theme we provide downloadable templates and tools for you to use to organize your marketing efforts in a way that allows you to be most effective.

small business marketing training

One-to-one time dedicated to teaching you the tools you need most. When you’re building your own website, launching your email newsletter or setting up your first Facebook advertising campaign – you’re likely to have questions. While you know the intricate details of your craft, product or service offerings – you could use some guidance with marketing. Each month we cover the topic of your choice in our 30-minute Radiant calls. We screenshare and record these video calls so you can have any of your trainings for later reference!

Strategy, Accountability & Coaching

Marketing is hard, staying focused can be even harder…Running a successful business doesn’t happen overnight – it happens when you consistently focus on the right things over time. And big things can happen when you focus your time on the RIGHT activities. Use the time on our monthly Radiant Call to determine which marketing strategies and tactics you should be focusing on – and stay accountable to that focus. Set goals with our team and regularly check in to ensure you’re still making progress on the things that matter most.


For the last ten years, we’ve focused nearly exclusively on growing small businesses through strategic, focused marketing initiatives. And we’ve learned A LOT over the last decade. We know how critically important it is to be budget-conscious, resourceful, and effective. We know that while you may have every desire to outsource your marketing, your budget tells you differently. And while you may do everything in your power to manage all of your marketing activity – you don’t have fifteen hours to figure out how to create a template in MailChimp, or update an address on your location page (it should be simple right?!?).

Your business can reach crazy new levels, but you must be an action taker – and you must have the right resources.

This membership program isn’t for everyone. It’s for individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty (and recognize when a little guidance can go a long ways in saving you time, money and heartache).

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Valued at over $1500 per month, you can become a member of this small business community for only $99 per month! Learn more about the benefits of joining today.

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