You have a pretty website…now what?

You have a pretty website…now what?

2018-01-01 | Karen Cummings |

You’ve put some time, money, resources into creating a well-designed website…but now you’re realizing you need it to get to work for you. A pretty website is simply that – a pretty website. We want you to have a website that acts as your 24/7 sales person, one that proudly displays your value proposition and message AND converts visitors into leads and patients.

What’s your next step?

Three things to think about – is your website generating ANY leads? if yes, where? if no, why?

We want to capitalize on things that are working, nix things that aren’t and create new opportunities to drive more leads.

Buyers journey – are you addressing those with ‘informational search intent’? TOFU, MOFU content


Lead magnets