Woo-hoo! We’re HubSpot Gold Partners [Announcement]

Woo-hoo! We’re HubSpot Gold Partners [Announcement]

2019-02-15 15:57:11 | Karen Cummings | HubSpot,inbound marketing

We’re very excited to announce that Radiant Marketing is now a Gold Tiered Partner with HubSpot. 

We wanted to take this opportunity as a chance to share the top reasons why we LOVE HubSpot for our clients.

Why we love HubSpot

“One of the biggest frustrations we hear from brands is that they don’t know what results their marketing dollar is generating. The systems they’re using make it too difficult to dig into the numbers, associate conversions with different initiatives or trace back the most effective buyer’s journey (think: info that will help them shorten the sales cycle).  As a numbers gal myself (have I mentioned I started out as an Accounting Major before going into Marketing at ASU?) I love HubSpot. HubSpot gives our clients’ incredible visibility into how their campaigns are performing AND allows us a streamlined way to keep an open and clear communication going between marketing and sales. Their closed loop reporting capabilities, sales enablement tools and more have helped us drive significant growth for our clients. We’re very excited for what 2019 will bring for our clients!” 


“HubSpot is a wealth of knowledge, tools and resources that I have the privilege of sharing with our clients to add value to their campaigns! With the ability to optimize and track nearly every aspect of a customers digital journey, HubSpot always provides useful data to help communicate the performance and opportunities available to our clients.”


“HubSpot’s blogging and content strategy capabilities are a thing of beauty. It’s so easy to create lovely, optimized blog content for all types of clients AND keep track of their overall, big picture strategy. It’s one thing to write content, it’s another thing to be able to see, in just a few clicks, how that content performs and fits into the entire marketing strategy.”


“With HubSpot’s social media dashboard, users have access to a social media inbox, which is a one-stop shop for any and all interactions with your social channels. Streams are broken up easily into three categories, including Conversations, Interactions and New Followers.  Essentially, these time-saving tools allow me to spend more time connecting with the people who matter most. Who wouldn’t love that?!



If you’re interested in learning more about joining forces with our HubSpot Certified team, request a Discovery Call with us today!