What’s New with MailChimp, Google and Facebook?

What’s New with MailChimp, Google and Facebook?

2016-07-07 16:34:55 | Brooke Kwasny | Trending,email marketing,social media marketing

June saw some major changes in the digital marketing world. Social media platforms made updates, email marketing services aimed to be even more effective, and advertising online might have just become a little bit more difficult.

If you’re looking for the scoop on the latest in digital marketing, look no further. Below are three of the biggest updates from June that you need to consider when designing future online marketing campaigns.

Advanced Personalization in MailChimp

If you love the data you can get on Google Analytics, you’ll love MailChimp’s latest update. MailChimp is rolling out new features that will help you gain better insights about your audience’s demographics and behavioral patterns.

MailChimp’s latest features include predicted demographics (gender and age predictions) so you can create content that is specific to your audience. Other features analyze your audience’s  behavioral patterns so you can better understand their purchase history and engagement so you’re able to recommend the right products/services.

With better audience insights, you’ll be able to segment better, and create content that will drive results.

Google’s “My Activity” and “Ads Personalization”

Personalization seemed to be a theme in the month of June, but Google didn’t give marketers better personalization tools, they gave the public control.

When Google users access “My Account”, their privacy and security center, they can access a variety of information about their Google account. Just recently, Google added “My Activity” to the My Account dashboard allowing users a better look at their search and browsing history. From “My Activity” users will be able to remove certain search queries in an effort to prevent seeing future ads related to those search terms.

The second update Google is introducing is called “Ads Personalization”. This feature allows users to choose the types of ads they receive by selecting areas of interest/disinterest, or opting out entirely. The “Ads Personalization” is turned off by default, and users will only be able to choose their interests when they activate the feature.

While users’ ability to delete search history through “My Activity” could make online advertising more difficult, if users begin to activate and use “Ads Personalization”, targeting may become easier and more effective. We will stay tuned to see how these Google updates pan out.

Facebook Changes Its Newsfeed…Again

Facebook recently announced another update to its newsfeed algorithm. And this time it’s getting worse for people that use the social platform to market their business.

The update will aim to prioritize content from friends and family, meaning content from brand pages and publishers will be less popular. As a result, business pages and brands are going to have no choice but to pay for traffic – which means ad costs are likely to go up.