What it Means to Be a Radiant Client

What it Means to Be a Radiant Client

2021-04-30 20:00:54 | Karen Cummings | healthcare marketing,radiant marketing,wellness marketing

One of the most important elements of a successful relationship with your marketing agency is whether or not you actually like working with them. By no means do we want to diminish the importance of the outcomes generated by your work together, but we venture to suggest that the day-to-day interactions, communication and value-alignment is just as important.

Your relationship with your agency is like a marriage – a mutually respectful, fun, and growth-oriented marriage.

For that reason, we put great emphasis on building an internal culture on shared values that empower us to deliver on the greatest experience possible for our clients.

Working with Radiant: A True Partner in Your Growth

We wanted to shine a light on what it’s like to work with the Radiant team by sharing our commitments to our clients, what we value in our partnerships (and really all relationships), and sentiments from our clients (some of which have been with us for 5+ years).

How we define an incredible relationship

Relationships can be hard. They’re a lot of work, and things don’t always go as you hope. However, we strongly believe that successful relationships – be it work relationships or personal – are all rooted in five familiar themes. Here are the five things we work to ensure are in every client relationship:

#1: There is trust – our open, transparent and honest approach to our work and the results we achieve helps to build and maintain this trust with our clients.

#2: Communication is key – we ask the right questions and then listen to our clients in order to dig into key challenges and create the most effective solutions.

#3: Our values are aligned – one of the reasons we decided to focus on the health & wellness space is because of our strong belief that the solutions provided within this vertical will make the world a better place. Beyond that, we align with clients who are set on making a positive impact in the world and place value on honesty, transparency and kindness.

#4: We can depend on each other – like in any relationship, you want to know that you’re there for one another. Our clients can depend on us to deliver on our promises, be on the lookout for opportunities for their brand, and stay on top of the changing consumer trends and digital platforms that will impact the results of their marketing.

Our Commitments

You can find on our team page our commitments to our clients. They include:

  1. A commitment to supporting your business as if it was our own
  2. A commitment to initiating long-term growth, implementing quick fix wins and investigating the data
  3. A commitment to complete transparency, honestly and flexibility with our clients

A commitment to supporting your business as if it was our own

We truly live this commitment. We care deeply about the success of our clients and demonstrate this in our holistic and passionate approach to marketing, our strategic and tactical engagements and our ever-present desire to identify and present opportunities for optimization and growth for our clients.

“We’ve worked with other agencies, but Radiant just…cares. Feeling like you have someone that actually cares about your business and doesn’t make you feel like ‘just another client’ is why we’ve stayed with Radiant over the years,” shared one of our clients in a recent conversation.

A commitment to initiating long-term growth, implementing quick fix wins and investigating the data

We understand that partnering with an agency can be scary. There are many unknowns – one of the biggest being whether you’ll see a return on your investment. Our process – starting with our Alignment Call and discovery – enables us to create and deliver on a plan that is aligned with your business objectives. We don’t shy away from the data, rather we embrace it, to provide our clients with visibility into the effectiveness of their campaigns and openly discuss opportunities for iterations and optimizations.

A commitment to complete transparency, honest and flexibility with our clients

This last year taught us more than ever that flexibility and collaboration are key. Many of our clients turned to us to help them adjust their communication plans and marketing to provide new resources, answer customer questions and even expand into new services.

Our personalized and dedicated approach to our client’s success – as well as our deep expertise in digital marketing in the health space and understanding of our client’s brands – is what empowers us to be able to quickly adapt strategies and provide valuable, honest feedback when needed.

One of our clients shared, “the boutique style that Radiant offers is the most valuable. Their approach is so hands-on, something you wouldn’t get with other larger marketing companies.”

We feel this hands-on approach is essential to creating and maintaining the most profitable, long-term relationships with our clients.

A few words from our clients

We recently touched base with a few of our clients to get their perspective on the value we bring to the table, and their experiences with Radiant. Here are a few more things they shared:

“Radiant offers the most value by being a trusted resource. They’ll often reach out and share things or make recommendations that aren’t necessarily included in scope but they know are valuable for us to consider.”

“The Radiant team works hard to be innovative, creative and organized. Most importantly, they really understand our brand and stay consistent in the marketing of it – and that’s powerful.”

“I made the right decision hiring Radiant. Based on what I saw in Radiant’s CEO – her domain knowledge, expertise and passion – I knew that she would only look for the same type of people on her team. I was sure it was going to be a good partnership.”

Are you ready to grow?

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