What Does It Take to Be an Amazing Social Media Manager?

What Does It Take to Be an Amazing Social Media Manager?

2018-06-07 22:54:24 | Khylie Gardner | social media marketing

Are you looking to hire a social media manager? Or are you an aspiring marketing guru looking to break into the field? Here’s what it takes to crush it in this ever expanding, ultra-competitive field.

All the Best Social Media Managers Have These Things in Common

What does a social media manager do?

Many companies struggle to identify why exactly they should be investing in talent to manage their digital portfolio. A social media manager is a highly valuable addition to any team, regardless of the industry.

They will be responsible for overseeing the company’s social media marketing and advertising efforts, which may include (but is not limited to): planning and goal setting, brand reputation management, content management and creation, search engine optimization (SEO), traffic generation, and lead generation/cultivation.

What skills are employers looking for in a social media manager?

Social media management jobs are highly competitive. Whether you are a hiring manager or looking to nab one of these coveted jobs for yourself, these are the skills that Forbes says you should be cultivating in your social gurus:

  • An aptitude for writing – especially short-form!
  • A pulse on the latest trends, pop culture moments, and social platforms is a plus
  • A customer-first mindset and pleasant demeanor
  • Advertising experience with platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • Ability to analyze performance and plan strategically
  • A genuine interest in creating valuable, interesting content for your consumers
  • Basic graphic design skills (if you don’t have designers on staff)

What personality traits should I have if I want to crush it in the social media landscape?

A good social media manager is friendly, amicable, and well-spoken. They probably love pop culture, interacting online, and all things Internet-related. Because so much of a customer experience now takes place digitally, the best social media managers will recognize that they are part marketer, part customer service rep, part journalist – and they’ll be able to fulfill all of these roles simultaneously and navigate deftly between them when called upon.

Building a killer marketing team is a huge undertaking, but it’s worth the effort to make your business shine. A social media manager who is on top of their game is only the start.