Try These 3 Brilliant Tips for Innovative Marketing Strategies

Try These 3 Brilliant Tips for Innovative Marketing Strategies

2017-02-15 13:00:00 | Jessica Van Liew | inspiration,marketing strategy

There is never a one-size-fit-all approach when it comes to marketing strategies.  And it’s easy to get tunnel vision as a marketer—head down, staying focused, and getting the best results is the goal.  However we can learn from some of the most successful marketing strategies and campaigns and learn more about what they have in common and what they did to stand out.

It’s so important to let yourself be inspired by others.  We constantly draw inspiration from those stellar standouts that either did something innovative or broke the mold from the same ol’ marketing strategies.  

3 Tips for Some Serious Innovative Marketing Strategies

Embrace That User-Generated Content (or “Embrace That UGC and Give It Some TLC”)

Listen up burned out business owners tired of trying to crank out endless streams of content! Get some free advertising for your business this year with user-generated content (UGC).  According to a survey of 839 millennials from SmartBrief, they spend 5.4 hours every day with content created by their peers.  Millennials reported that UGC is 20 percent more influential on their purchase decisions than other media.  And it’s not just millennials -you can encourage everyone in your target market to act as your ambassadors by encouraging them to take your marketing message to others.  

Not only will UGC increase customer loyalty, it can provide you with lots of organic word-of-mouth marketing.  One innovative marketing strategy to encourage UGC is to ask people to post a photo of themselves with your product or to post using a specific hashtag.  Or you can ask them to tweet about how your service has helped them—again, using a specific hashtag. Ready for some UGC inspiration?  Here are 8 inspiring user-generated content examples from Yot Po and these are the best user-generated content campaigns on Instagram for your Insta inspo of the day.

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More Videos! Always!

We are now in the era of “binge-watching.”  Is your brand jumping on the opportunity to leverage the video era? An effective video doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be a long one.  Sometimes quick videos that go straight to the point are all you need for a solid promotional message.  Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram videos are being consumed at a rapid rate.  This year, make one of your innovative marketing strategies about letting your  video marketing shine!

Make it Fun, Fun, Fun Til Your Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away

You may have not paid much attention to brands like Old Spice or Hotels.com until they released their witty and funny marketing campaigns.  These are just two examples of companies having some fun with their marketing.  Maybe your product or service isn’t terribly exciting.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t change that with your marketing efforts! Here’s how: be visual, rock social media, have a story to tell and think outside the box. Always. Never underestimate the power of “fun” marketing. It’s a great way to make lasting and loyal customers who want to share you with the world.  

If you hit the wall with your marketing efforts, it can bring your business to a screeching halt.  It’s extremely important to continually think of ways you can breathe life into your marketing.  We’re so inspired by these innovative marketing strategies and we hope you are too! Now get out there and market yo’self!