Threads: The Newest Platform Taking Social By Storm

Threads: The Newest Platform Taking Social By Storm

2023-08-15 16:29:40 | Lauren Karwoski | digital marketing tips,meta,social media marketing,threads

By now you’ve likely heard about Threads, the latest social media application to hit the digital landscape, promising a unique experience for its users. But, what exactly is Threads and how should you be utilizing it for your digital marketing (if at all)?

In this article we’ll share the current use of Threads, and how we see brands and individuals using it in the future.

What is Threads?

For starters, Threads is an American social media application that offers users the ability to post and share text, images, and videos, as well as to interact with other users’ posts through replies, reposts, and likes.

The social networking platform, developed and launched by a team of tech enthusiasts led by the Instagram team, a subsidiary of Meta, focuses on facilitating more intimate and private connections between users. The app seeks to create a space where users can engage in meaningful conversations with close friends and family without the clutter and noise often associated with other, more popular, social media platforms.

The Key Features of Threads 

While Threads shares similar functions and features to other popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it also has its own unique features including:

  • Close Friends Circle: Similarly to Instagram, Threads revolves around the concept of a “Close Friends” circle. Users can handpick a select group of friends to share updates, pictures, and videos more privately. This feature allows for more authentic interactions and encourages users to be themselves without the pressure of a larger audience. To some, this may feel similar to a group text you have with friends or family members.
  • Automatic Sharing: Threads is fully integrated with Instagram, allowing users to automatically share their Instagram Stories with their Close Friends on Threads as well.
  • Camera-Centric Interface: Those who have enjoyed the app BeReal in the past, will find similar features in Threads, which places a significant emphasis on the camera, providing quick access to it upon opening the app. This camera-centric approach encourages users to share photos and videos instantly and more candidly.
  • Status Updates: Fans of the classic “status update” on Facebook will enjoy the application’s status update option, which lets users share their current status or what they’re up to with their Close Friends. This can be a quick text update or even an emoji, fostering real-time communication and facilitating plans or meetups.
  • Messaging In-App: Along with its focus on visual content, Threads also offers a simple messaging interface within the app. Users can send text messages, react to stories, and use fun AR filters and effects in their conversations.

How Brands Could Leverage Threads

So, how should brands be utilizing this new application? Leveraging Threads can open up exciting opportunities for brands to connect with their clients and customers and enhance their social media strategies.

Here are 4 ways we see brands using Threads to increase their impact:

  1. Create Community: The “Close Friends” circle feature in Threads provides an ideal environment for brands to build stronger relationships with their clients and customers. By creating a private group, brands can create a space to encourage and facilitate interaction and a sense of community with the brand’s customers in a secure manner. This fosters transparency and brand loyalty, as customers feel more personally connected to the brand.
  2. Educate: Additionally, brands can use the platform’s status update and messaging features to keep customers informed about upcoming events and promotions, and solicit feedback.
  3. Engage: Integrating Threads with their Instagram accounts also allows brands to receive prompt feedback, and maintain consistency across their social channels.
  4. Grow Smart: By leveraging the ‘Close Friends’ circle feature for brands’ top customers, they can lean into ways to leverage the influence and advocacy of these top customers. This will also provide an opportunity to engage in feedback, product innovation, and other aspects of growth with the customers that are most likely to use and grow with the brand.

The use of Threads is also a great way for brands to show they are up-to-date on the latest digital trends, and maintain relevance to their audience and customers.

Future Threads Predictions

It’s hard to say if Threads will be here for long! While Threads has seen rapid adoption and enthusiastic engagement from its users, it’s not without its challenges. Competition in the social media space is fierce, and sustaining user interest over the long term will be crucial.

Explosive Growth Does Not Equal Sustainable Growth

In the past few years, we’ve seen similar explosive starts with other social media apps such as BeReal, Vine, and YikYak. While these platforms also started off extremely strong, they were unable to survive in the competitive landscape of social media, eventually fizzling out or being discontinued as a whole.

In order to survive, Threads will have to

  • Continuously prioritize innovation and adaptation to evolving trends.
  • Develop and implement effective monetization strategies to generate revenue. This could involve advertising, sponsored content, premium features, or other creative ways to monetize the platform without compromising the user experience.
  • Focus on enhancing user engagement and retention by offering features that resonate with its target audience.
  • Continue to innovate and differentiate itself from other messaging apps and social media platforms by introducing new and unique features.
  • Listen to user feedback to address their needs and concerns.

Gen Z Highest Adoption Rate

Thread’s focus on private sharing among close friends will most likely appeal primarily to millennials and Generation Z users who value more intimate and exclusive communication with their inner circles. Those who seek to share personal moments, updates, and experiences with a select group of friends will be more inclined to utilize Threads, as it provides a more targeted and private space compared to broader social media platforms.

Threads is undoubtedly an interesting addition to the social media ecosystem. By catering to the desire for more intimate connections and private sharing, it sets itself apart from traditional platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As it continues to grow and evolve, it will be exciting to see how Threads shapes the future of social media, influencing other platforms and setting new standards for user engagement and privacy, and if it will be able to compete with the popularity of existing platforms.

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