These 4 Instagram Accounts Will Inspire Your Digital Strategy

These 4 Instagram Accounts Will Inspire Your Digital Strategy

2016-11-17 11:00:00 | radiantmarketing | social media marketing

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is almost a given that your business needs to be active on social media. However, most people don’t know how to optimize their social media strategy for maximum results. Many people create and manage Instagram accounts that are less than inspiring, which is a shame because Instagram is an amazing tool that can really improve how consumers connect to your brand!

If you are struggling to optimize your Instagram presence, here are 4 businesses whose amazing Instagram accounts are sure to inspire you.


Lululemon is leading the athleisure (that’s athletics + leisure) clothing trend right now. Much of their success comes from the way that they use social media – particularly, the way that they utilize Instagram to further their brand’s personality and create top-of-mind recall among their audience.

What they do well: Lululemon does not post traditional product photos to their account very often. Instead, many of their Instagram posts focus on creating a lifestyle around the Lululemon brand by posting images of fitness enthusiasts, festivals, and bohemian-chic settings.

How to make it work for you: Establish an Instagram presence that doesn’t feel too “salesy”. Think about the kind of content that you like to see in your personal social media, and the kind of lifestyle that your ideal consumer leads. Keep your Instagram fun and lively with a wide variety of branded posts. This will help you engage your audience and avoid feeling too sterile.


Pinkbike is an Instagram community of hardcore mountain bikers. They are a classic example of an Instagram-based business, and we think that their following of over 450,000 is pretty impressive.

What they do well: We love @pinkbike because they are one of the few crowdsourced Instagram accounts that manage to successfully engage their audience. Many of the photos and videos posted to their account are submitted to them by followers.

How to make it work for you: Increase your audience’s engagement with your Instagram account by calling for submissions. This is tricky, because submission requests often tend to fall flat. We recommend requesting photos from your audience that will further your brand story, rather than photos that showcase the product or service that you offer. A submission of happy people laughing around the dinner table will probably perform better than a selfie of someone smiling with your product. It’s all about the story.

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For many Americans, Saturday Night Live is a huge part of pop culture. The sketch comedy show is broadcast each week on NBC and features celebrity hosts who join a cast of regular comedians. We think that the show’s digital presence is a great example of how to translate your physical business into the Instagram realm.

What they do well: Sometimes, the best Instagram accounts have amazing, professional quality photos. Sometimes, they’re just packed full of fun content and tons of brand personality. That’s the case with the SNL Instagram account, which usually features cast members doing funny skits, recaps of the show, and silly Internet memes.

How to make it work for you: The lesson to learn here is that business have to keep social media social. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our KPIs and fail to remember that Instagram is meant to be a platform for fun interaction with other human beings. Don’t be afraid to keep your business’s account lighthearted and inventive – oftentimes, that’s the best way to engage with potential customers.



National Geographic is a travel, architecture, and history magazine – and perhaps one of the best performing brands on any platform, ever. Since they were founded in 1888 and are mostly known for their print magazines, National Geographic is another great example of how to make your traditional brand work in the digital world. With more than 62 million followers on Instagram alone, we would be crazy not to include them in our list of brands to emulate.

What they do well: By compiling photos from contributors all around the world (from Greenland to the bush of Southern Africa), National Geographic brings incredible beauty into their followers’ feeds. This beauty is two-fold: firstly, they share amazing photography. Secondly, all of their photos are accompanied by a lengthy story which gives it context. This goes to show that your readers will enjoy long text on social media, if you are providing them with content that they are truly interested in.

How to make it work for you: Use your Instagram account to tell a story. Further your brand by creating a dialogue around it. Your customers have followed you for a reason: they are excited about your business. To keep this excitement going, you have to entertain them. Try to share interesting ideas or teach them something new each time your post appears on their feed.