The You Factor: Building Relationships that Last

The You Factor: Building Relationships that Last

2017-09-28 10:00:00 | Khylie Gardner | business tips

If there was such a thing as “Small Business 101” (we wish!), the very first lesson would be about building relationships. Every entrepreneur knows that the key to success lies in generating new business and then getting those customers to come back again and again. Sound hard? It shouldn’t. If you’re stumped about how to build a loyal customer base, the answer is deceptively simple: make them like you, then make them love you and – eventually – they’ll need you and all of the awesomeness that your business is bringing into their life.

2 Foolproof Ways to Build Relationships With Your Clients

Treat Every Client Like Your Most Important Client

Happy clients are key to doing good business. Whether you’re flipping burgers or flipping houses, keeping your clients content is key to building relationships that stand the test of time. There’s a few ways that you can do demonstrate to your client just how important they are: Always greet your clients by name, and make sure to have memorized their business’s profile before you step into a meeting or hop on the phone. Where appropriate, make sure to keep tabs on personal information – if a client has mentioned that a child is approaching a major life milestone (like graduating from college), make sure to offer your congratulations.

Most importantly, be genuine and friendly when you meet – making your clients feel like you are their most attentive friend is often the first step in building relationships.  And remember: happy, well cared for clients are more likely to provide a referral than those who aren’t!

You’ve got the clients and you’ve got flourishing business – now how do you keep up with it all? Work Life Balance is Key.


Always Go the Extra Mile

Don’t fall into the trap of offering your clients cookie cutter solutions. When it comes to growing your business and building relationships, always take the time to understand your customer’s’ unique needs and do your best to meet them in a way that is both personal and budget friendly. The benefits of this approach are endless: not only will your client remember the time that you went above and beyond to make them a priority, they’ll also be open to trying new things when you suggest them in the future. Not to mention, of course, they’ll be open to recommending you to their own networks. All in all – you can never go wrong by doing more than is expected of you.