The Biggest Marketing Challenges We’re Facing Today

The Biggest Marketing Challenges We’re Facing Today

2017-07-13 10:00:00 | Khylie Gardner | marketing strategy

No matter the product or offer, most marketers have the same goal: to generate interest in their goods and to close sales. That being said, every brand comes with its own challenges – and in the competitive world of marketing, it can often feel like you are facing a unique set of obstacles that only you can figure out how to overcome.

That may sound a bit dramatic, but regardless of what you are selling, there’s probably at least one area that you could stand to improve on. And you’ll probably be relieved to know that you aren’t alone.  Many marketers hit walls, get caught up, and struggle to move forward.

Although it can feel like our marketing challenges are unique, the good news is that (more often than not) our problems are more universal than we think.

Marketing Challenges That Will Make You Want to Give Up – and How to Move Past Them

Generating New Leads

Generating new traffic and qualified leads was the top marketing challenge faced by marketers in 2017, according to this year’s State of Inbound Report. When you’re not bringing in new audiences, it’s easy to feel helpless – but all hope is not lost.

If you’re facing this marketing challenge, start by asking yourself if you’re providing the type of content that your audience wants to consume. Once you know if people are actually interested in your content, focus on making sure that it gets promoted in places where your audience will actually notice it. For tips and tricks to get you started, we recommend HubSpot’s guide to content promotion.

Providing ROI

Every marketer aims to provide ROI data to support their work, but most of us fall short when it comes time to deliver. Not having ROI data readily available doesn’t mean that your marketing efforts aren’t working, but it does mean that it’s harder to prove that it is.

Tracking your ROI is tricky, which is why we recommend investing in a marketing software like HubSpot to help you close the gap between marketing and sales. Once you start to collect data about how your marketing efforts translate into real sales, you’ll be able to begin optimizing your efforts more effectively.

Struggling to engage your audience? Here are the questions you should be asking yourself.

Targeting the Right Audience

You know that you want to reach your target audience, but do you know exactly who your target audience is? It might surprise you to hear that many marketers struggle to get a clear grasp on who the audience is for their products.

The best place to start? Geography. Chances are, your ideal customers are only a short distance away. Once you know where they live, it’s time to start thinking about their age, financial background, desires, wants, and needs. As you start to develop your buyer personas, you’ll gain more clarity for your marketing.

Now you can jump over your marketing hurdles with these tips!

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