The 5 Best Ted Talks to Inspire Your Small Business

The 5 Best Ted Talks to Inspire Your Small Business

2015-12-11 05:00:57 | radiantmarketing | entrepreneur,small business marketing
As entrepreneurs, we are always curious, asking questions and seeking answers. When we seek information, we go to the internet. When we seek advice, we turn to our mentors, parents, friends, and colleagues. When we seek inspiration, we turn to those who have been there before, who have overcome similar challenges and reached their goals.

Oftentimes, we can find this inspiration in TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design Talks). These talks provide inspirational, informative guiding stars for those of us who are eager to learn. They can be catalysts in driving creativity and inspiration for your small business and just what you need to keep you going, despite the obstacles you may face.

There are SO many great TED talks out there! To narrow it down, we’ve selected the 5 best TED Talks we’ve come across to inspire your small business.

Elizabeth Gilbert- Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating

This TED Talk features Elizabeth Gilbert, who you may know as the author of the ever-famous Eat, Pray, Love National Bestselling book. This talk focuses on rejection, failure, and overcoming fears. She delves into the fear she had herself after achieving success, which held her back from creating another book for many years.

Simon Sinek- How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This TED Talk is a classic, renowned as being one of the best TED Talks of all time. Five years since it’s creation, this has been one of the most inspirational talks, touching the inner entrepreneur within all of us. With references to the almighty Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg, prepare to feel the ultimate empowerment through a leadership direction unlike the typical leader.

Tony Robbins- Why We Do What We Do

As one of the most inspirational speakers of all time, Tony Robbins gives one of the best TED Talks ever with his rendition of “Why we do what we do”. It’s a simple concept of asking why. Why do you do what you do? Why are you reading this now? What are you looking to accomplish? Prepare to be mind-blown, and learn what really motivates others, and yourself.

Richard Branson- Life at 30,000 Feet

Richard Branson, the king of entrepreneurs is a self-made billionaire, with his highly successful Virgin Airlines raising him to be one of the world’s most interesting and successful entrepreneurs in the world. With this intriguing TED Talk, he digs into how he became who he is, and how you can incorporate his skill set into your daily life as an entrepreneur.

Shawn Achor- The Happy Secret To Better Work

Shawn Achor, argues in this inspiring and thought-provoking talk about the psychology of happiness inspiring productivity. Known for his advocacy of positive psychology, Achor spreads his insight as an author, public speaker, and corporate trainer.

After watching some of the best TED Talks of all time, we hope you feel inspired and motivated and taken off in a whirlwind of ideas and productivity.