Promoting Mental Health and Wellness through Social Media Campaigns

Promoting Mental Health and Wellness through Social Media Campaigns

2023-12-15 16:47:56 | Lauren Karwoski | marketing strategy,marketing tips,mental health,small business marketing,social media marketing

The bad news: demand for mental health care across the country has skyrocketed in recent years – including support for anxiety, depression, trauma and stress-related disorders. An increase in demand primarily attributed to the enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New research from the American Psychology Association shows that psychologists cannot meet the growing demands for mental health care, with 56% of those surveyed stating they have no openings for new patients and wait lists reaching three months and more.

The mental health of individuals, our community and our country should not rely solely on psychologists

The good news: Healthcare brands have a unique opportunity to leverage social media to advocate for mental well-being and share valuable and critical resources. These brands can play a crucial role in shaping the narrative around mental health.

By actively promoting mental health information, your brand can contribute significantly to bridging the widening gap in accessible mental health care while fostering a supportive and informed online community.