Radiant Marketing: New Site & Clear Solutions

Radiant Marketing: New Site & Clear Solutions

2018-07-25 18:33:48 | Karen Cummings | radiant marketing,small business marketing

Have you noticed that we look a little… different? We are so thrilled to unveil our brand new, beautiful, unique-to-us website! While we felt a little website facelift was necessary to best match our brand and team vibe, aesthetics aren’t the only change we’ve made. The most important update goes deeper than just the website redesign – we have expanded Radiant offerings to clearly and effectively address marketing needs for two different audiences with our Done For You and DIY services. Why did we do this and what’s the difference? Here’s what you need to know.


Radiant Marketing Services: Helping Businesses Succeed

When we first started Radiant we were exclusively focused on serving the micro to small business audience who had limited to no resources to depend upon to grow their businesses. We were (and are) extremely passionate about providing these incredible entrepreneurs resources necessary to drive growth. Over the last few years, we adapted our small business marketing offerings to better accommodate these individuals and their budgets, while also expanding our solutions to serve more businesses in different stages of growth.

While we were making these changes behind the scenes, and with our clients, we felt our website wasn’t doing the best job at communicating this message and these offerings. We decided it’d be best if we practice what we preach and get focused about creating a clear message for our Brand Soulmates™! So, we set out to make some changes.

Our Done For You Inbound Marketing Retainers

As our team, expertise and skill sets grew, we began to align with high-growth startups and larger, more established businesses looking for comprehensive solutions, strategies and long-term growth plans. Our Done for You services provide these businesses with the strategic inbound marketing plans and execution to drive real results for their brands.

We understand there are many options available on the market when it comes to digital marketing agencies, and we also understand we aren’t the best fit for every business looking for solutions.

Just as we recommend for our clients, we focus on partnering with specific companies that align with our core values and are committed to serving a larger purpose and making a bigger impact through strategic and focused digital marketing. Most of the businesses we serve are in the health & wellness, SaaS, professional service, travel & adventure and food & beverage industries (may seem like an odd mix – but WE’RE an odd mix so it works beautifully! ;)).

Our DIY Resources for the Scrappy Entrepreneur

We LOVE small businesses. And we are excited to continue to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in new, innovative ways.

In 2018, we launched the Get it Glowing Community to provide a platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs to gain access to a team of experts to guide them through their marketing initiatives in the first stages of their business – at an extremely low monthly membership price. Learn more about the Get it Glowing Community here.

New Site, Who Dis?

So grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. Whether you’re a budding business superstar or an established name in the game, you’re sure to find something just for you.