Privacy: The Topic on Every Marketer’s Mind

Privacy: The Topic on Every Marketer’s Mind

2022-03-09 16:21:37 | Sean McMullen |

Digital Privacy: the topic on most people’s mind as of late, especially marketers. 

With the ever-changing digital world, consumers are worried about what personal information they share. On the other side of it, marketers are trying to meet customers where they are comfortable while also delivering real results for their clients. 

Google Product Manager Karen Hennessy states in a recent study published on Think with Google

“New research from a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group and Google shows that customers and marketers are more concerned about privacy than ever before. What at first glance seems like balancing a tightrope of sensitive and seemingly conflicting needs is actually a shared desire for more relevant experiences that do not come at the expense of privacy.” 

The study also shares what three goals marketers are focusing on in the privacy journey:

  • Building trust by prioritizing transparency
  • Creating great experiences through first-party data
  • Building a data-centric organization that respects privacy on all levels

At Radiant Marketing, LLC, we are always tuned into the privacy and platform updates relevant to the services we’re offering our clients. Doing so allows us to make real-time recommendations, resulting in little-to-no downtime for their digital marketing or advertising campaigns. Additionally, we are transparent with our clients by reporting if or how their digital platforms are collecting/using consumer data, and we provide support in collecting and providing first-party data whenever and wherever possible to streamline and personalize the client’s marketing initiatives. 

Stay tuned to our social channels and blog as we will continue to provide privacy rules and regulations updates as both continue to change over the coming months.

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