New Radiant Team Member:  Darin Madrigal

New Radiant Team Member:  Darin Madrigal

2016-09-27 18:50:05 | Jessica Van Liew |

We are super excited to announce that Radiant is expanding our team! Our goal with everything we do is to ensure our clients are receiving the highest level of service and that we are always driving the most optimal of results.

Darin Madrigal joins Radiant as our Digital Marketing Strategist. His extensive experience and inclusive skill-set aligns perfectly with the objectives he will be tackling within his role with us.  Darin will be doing great things with Radiant to enhance client campaigns and outcomes.

So without further ado, let’s get to know Darin Madrigal!

An architect of ideas and answers for like-minded entrepreneurs, I stand alongside them as they navigate the uncharted waters of Digital Marketing.

As a 17 year veteran Leader and Entrepreneur Darin navigated those uncharted waters. In the years prior to the digital revolution, the focus was building businesses through traditional offline marketing strategies. It wasn’t until 2006 with Online Marketing still in its infancy; Darin saw the future of marketing, especially in terms of tracking returns on marketing efforts. Darin’s focus on crafting innovative yet effective ways to reach new customers for businesses owners from Belgium to China, and of course the US, was in many respects fruitful. It’s apparent his passion for digital marketing together with his love for solving the unsolvable drive him to wake each morning with a smile.

Prior to going all digital, Darin Co-Founded what came to be the premier Salon and Spa to work at in Arizona. With his first location opening in 2000 and a second location opening its doors in 2005, Avante Salon and Spa blossomed into Arizona’s number one recommended Salon and Spa, for both a world class haircut and color from NYC Bumble and Bumble trained stylist to their European-trained Esthetician and Massage Therapists.

Beyond business, you can find Darin at dance with his Daughter, watching his son’s youth football or rock climbing as a family. Rain or shine Darin’s there cheering and coaching his kids on.

Please join us in welcoming Darin to the team! 🙂