Marketing Techniques: 4 Roadblocks to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing Techniques: 4 Roadblocks to a Successful Marketing Campaign

2016-01-21 04:00:59 | radiantmarketing | small business marketing

We all make mistakes. And launching a successful marketing campaign isn’t easy. There are definitely roadblocks out there for businesses when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Identify what will prevent you from seeing success upfront, and organize a campaign that will get amazing results!

Here are 4 common roadblocks and how to avoid them:

Marketing Roadblock #1: You Don’t Have Goals or Timelines

One of the most common mistakes you can make is failing to set timelines or goals for your marketing campaign. Establishing time-based goals will help to ensure your team is on track and is working collectively towards finishing it. When you set measurable goals, you will have the ability to determine if your campaign actually accomplished what it set out to do in the first place. Decide what you want your marketing campaign to achieve—set goals and timelines that are specific, measurable, realistic and attainable. Identify which key performance indicators you should track to determine that success along the way. Is your campaign designed to build awareness for your brand? Track impressions, reach and engagement. Is it designed to drive registrations? Monitor customer interactions during the steps prior to registration, and identify any areas for improvement – are they getting to your landing page, but not scrolling down all the way to the registration form? Are they getting through the first step of a form, but dropping off before completing the entire process? Having clear set goals will help you to monitor benchmarks along the way and identify if changes need to be made.

Marketing Roadblock #2: You’re Not Using the Right Tools

In this competitive market, make sure you have all the right marketing tools in place to successfully execute your campaign. Here are some of the tools you should have in your back pocket to ensure success:

  • Landing Pages for your website
  • Calls-to Action (CTA) on all landing pages and print collateral (what do you want the individual to do? What is the next step?)
  • An email marketing platform
  • Targeted blog content
  • Social Media
  • Analytics for your website and your social accounts

Marketing Roadblock #3: You’re Not Measuring Your Marketing Campaign Success

Are you not tracking your marketing campaign? This will be a huge roadblock and mistake if you don’t. Every single part of your campaign should be measured in order to evaluate if your campaign was successful in achieving your goals. You should be able to answer the following questions by effectively measuring your marketing campaign success:

  • What parts of your campaign were the most successful?
  • How did this campaign compare to others?
  • What can I do differently in the future to see greater success?

Marketing Roadblock #4: Missing Your Target

Is your marketing campaign targeting the right audience? If not, you will be missing the mark completely. Do you ever receive an email from a company trying to sell you something way out of left field? My guess is that email is quickly sent to ‘trash’. It’s crucial you do the appropriate research to avoid wasting time and money. Market to your target audience and you will see results.

What are some mistakes you’ve learned from with previous marketing campaigns? Share them below and let’s help each other become better marketers!

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