Make ‘Em Laugh: Humor in Content Marketing

Make ‘Em Laugh: Humor in Content Marketing

2017-08-24 08:00:00 | Khylie Gardner | content strategy

We all love to laugh – but when it comes to content marketing, humor can be a tough beast to tackle.

When it’s done well, humor can be an excellent addition to your content marketing strategy. It can help you achieve more visibility, garner shares and likes galore, and generally work wonders on your overall marketing game.

But is humor right for your business’s content marketing strategy? Let’s find out.

The Power of Humor in Your Content Marketing Strategy

What makes humor such an appealing tactic for content marketing? It all comes back to the power of laughter – it is, after all, the great unifier.

Studies show that humor can help diffuse tension, relieve stress, and bring people together. If your brand can facilitate laughter through your content marketing, it can help your consumers bond both to each other and to your business. And what do people do when they feel connected to one another?  They share!

Laughter is contagious, and a good dose of humor could be exactly what your content marketing needs to start garnering those coveted social shares that help your marketing thrive. Humorous content is significantly more likely to be shared across various social platforms and to go viral.

Looking to expand your content marketing strategy? Here are 3 crazy awesome elements you need.

Brand Voice

Humor is awesome! So what is there to lose? Before you commit to incorporating more humor into your content marketing, you should consider the implications that a funny campaign will have on your brand voice. How do your loyal customers view your brand already? Will a new, funny approach harm how they perceive you or make people take your company less seriously?

If you’re going to incorporate humor into your strategy, the most important thing is to make sure that it aligns with your brand’s personality and its values. Take it from these ten viral sensations – sometimes, making ‘em laugh isn’t worth having to look them in the eye the next day.

Humor can be a powerful tool, but only if it makes sense for your long term goals. If you want to incorporate a more light-hearted tone into your content marketing, make sure that you are providing value to your customers and staying consistent to your brand voice.