LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips For B2B Health Tech Companies

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips For B2B Health Tech Companies

2023-03-27 22:22:56 | Lauren Karwoski | creative ideas,digital marketing tips,lead generation

LinkedIn can be an effective channel for driving new leads and establishing thought leadership for your business or brand.

Typically individuals on LinkedIn are more receptive to professional development & educational opportunities as well as exploring innovative solutions to their workplace challenges. For this reason, we often recommend our B2B clients consider advertising on LinkedIn to generate new contacts for their lead magnets, webinars, seminars, or other educational initiatives.

However, what makes Linkedin different from other social platforms, and a bit tricky, is that it requires a delicate balance of professional and personalized content.

While this channel is primarily designed for professional networking, it’s still important to personalize your approach to humanize yourself and create connections. A few ways to generate the greatest impact from your time on LinkedIn include posting content to both your brand page and your personal profile.

Here are some tips we recommend following to generate high-quality leads on Linkedin, while also establishing yourself as a thought leader:

Define and Identify Your Goals

Before you dive into posting and advertising on LinkedIn, it’s important to understand what you’re hoping to walk away with.

What are your goals for the time you’re investing here, and what would you consider success?

For many organizations, this is one of two things: establish yourself as a thought leader or generate high-quality leads. You may also be considering LinkedIn for general networking, direct sales, etc but for the sake of this blog, we’ll continue to focus on these two key objectives.

If you need some help curating and defining your goals, check out our blog post.

Optimize Your Profile/Page for Success

Before beginning any specific lead gen strategies, it’s important to start with the basics.

Make sure your profile is fully optimized and includes a professional headshot, a clear and catchy headline that quickly illustrates who & how you can help someone, a summary that highlights your brand’s achievements, and a complete work history. Optimizing your profile in this way will help you build credibility, make it easier for potential leads to find you, and help you maximize your Linkedin presence. 

You can even optimize your Linkedin tagline based on the goals you have defined and identified.

Establish Thought Leadership

For thought leadership, you’ll want to focus more heavily on creating full-length content to publish as articles to your profile, in addition to sharing consistent updates to your feed.

Creating a group or joining active groups with your target audience can be an effective way to engage prospects and participate in relevant conversations, offering insights and valuable feedback on areas within your domain of expertise.

Joining LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry or target market can also give you a platform to begin promoting your thought leadership.

Don’t stress if you are struggling to continuously create new, original content, check out our tips on successfully repurposing existing content, to generate leads.

Avoid Bots & Focus On Personalization

To effectively engage with prospects in messages, it’s important to personalize your communication to show that you’re not a bot and that you cared enough to do just a smidge of research on them.

For example, review their profile and mention a significant work accomplishment they’ve noted or highlight a connection, experience, or skill you have in common.

“Avoid the allure of using bots to manage your LinkedIn” explains Radiant Marketing Founder and CEO, Karen Cummings, “Auto responses and auto invites may seem enticing to save time, but they’re easily recognized as bots and quickly ignored by prospects.”

Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid tool that allows you to find and engage with potential leads more easily. It offers advanced search options, lead recommendations, and other features that can help you generate more leads on LinkedIn.

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