Is this as good as it gets?

Is this as good as it gets?

2016-10-19 20:50:15 | Karen Cummings | small business

Some may call me an interesting creature…unlike many people, I thrive on the idea of critiquing our efforts, progress and results and recognizing opportunities for improvement. I enjoy breaking things down into analyzable pieces and finding where we didn’t get it just right. And most importantly I love seeing the changes we can make and the impact we can have when we do this.

Now, I know I’m not completely alone in my way of thinking, but I don’t think enough of us have this mindset.

Some brands, like HybridChart, have ’embraced kaizen’ and the idea of continuous process improvement. And in my opinion, this is one of the things that makes a company great.

Being humble and recognizing that things can always be better, but furthermore taking the steps to make them better.

As a business owner, we must always be open to this way of thinking and this type of feedback or before we know it, our audience will look elsewhere, our sales will drop and our competitors will crush us.

By no means am I implying that there aren’t victories along the way. Don’t let your focus on continuous improvement deter you from celebrating the wins along the way. If things are working well, celebrate! Numbers are good? Celebrate! Hit your goals? Celebrate! You get the point…But once you’ve taken the appropriate amount of time to authentically appreciate your team and their efforts and ‘hoorah’ around the progress you’ve made, go back to the data and see if there are opportunities to do even better.

Identify ways you can provide a simpler, more effective or more affordable solution for your audience. Find a way to streamline your process so you can increase profitability. Scale your offering so you can impact even more people. All while knowing that these changes are going to build upon each other and truly allow you to make the difference you set out to make.

Never fall into the trap of thinking it’s as good as it gets…the possibilities are endless…