HubSpot Product Updates from INBOUND

HubSpot Product Updates from INBOUND

2017-10-04 16:41:53 | Karen Cummings |

Over 21,000 people came together this year at INBOUND in Boston to learn the newest trends, techniques and technology to assist businesses in successfully growing.

As a HubSpot Partner, we attended the first-ever Partner Day on Monday, discovering what has been happening behind the scenes at HubSpot, and what this means for HubSpot customers. HubSpot is implemetning a number of exciting updates to bring more value to their platform, and further help businesses meet their goals.

Here are a few of the key updates:

A drastically enhanced Sales Professional tool

HubSpot announced that they are completely revamping the Sales Professional tool to offer tremendous value to HubSpot CRM users. Some of the key updates includes the ability to easily pull and monitor custom reporting and sales rep activity, deal automation, lead rotation, adding products and recurring revenue into CRM, team permissions, and priority notifications to identify your hottest leads.

What makes the new Sales Professional different? 
  • Workflows Your sales pipeline will always be accurate and up-to-date when you use workflows for deal and task automation. It’s important to note that Sales Professional users don’t get access to bulk email and can’t use workflows for lead nurturing or drip campaigns. 
  • Reporting HubSpot Sales Professional users get access to unlimited custom reports and one dashboard to view and manage their reporting. 
  • Predictive Lead Scoring HubSpot Sales Professional users get access to predictive lead scoring. It’s important to note that this predictive lead scoring is slightly different from the PLS on the marketing side. That’s because we’ve rebuilt it with a proprietary algorithm that is more reliable for small businesses with less data. 
  • Smart Notifications Smart notifications help you prioritize your outreach by surfacing the hottest engaged leads (rather than just the most recent activities). 
  • Products Products is a new object in HubSpot CRM that will be available to all HubSpot Sales Pro users. Products
  • Calling HubSpot Sales Professional users will get access to 2000/mins/month. Effective 11/1/17, HubSpot Sales Starter users will get access to 500 mins/month. Required Fields Effective 11/1/17, required fields in the CRM will only be available to Sales Professional users. 
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines Effective 11/1/17, multiple deal pipelines will only be available to Sales Professional users. Teams Effective 11/1/17, Teams will only be available to HubSpot Sales Professional users. 
  • Advanced Views Effective 11/1/17, advanced views/permissions will only be available to HubSpot Sales Professional users. 
  • SFDC Connector HubSpot Sales Professional users will have access to the SFDC Connector so they can integrate the Sales Hub with their Salesforce instance.

In HubSpot’s recent announcement they stated:

Building relationships with prospective customers is one thing when you’re small, but as sales teams grow it becomes nearly impossible to scale that personal attention. Bringing artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and custom reporting to the CRM, the massively updated HubSpot Sales Professional tackles the administrative aspects of sales, so you and your clients can focus on relationships. Sales Professional will be available in November, but you can buy seats now before the price increases.”

Learn more about the update here

Prices increase November 1st, so purchase your Sales Professional licenses today to be grandfathered in at the current $50/user/month pricing.

HubSpot Conversations

With HubSpot conversations you will now have the ability to chat with anyone on any channel at any time. The best part? This will even be available in HubSpot FREE. The down and dirty of HubSpot’s Conversations tool functionality includes storing messages from prospects and customers in one place, pull all conversations into one space and allow any members of your team to engage, additional context on existing contacts, automation to manage conversatinos at scale, route incoming messages and more quickly check tasks off your list.

From HubSpot:

“There is a major shift happening in how businesses and customers communicate today. Immediate, one-to-one messaging is on the rise; and HubSpot is announcing a free messaging platform that combines live chat, bots, and the context-rich CRM to enable companies to scale one-to-one conversations as they grow. With Conversations, you and your clients can communicate with customers wherever, whenever and however they want.”

Learn more about this new feature here

The Customer Hub

Coming in 2018, HubSpot customers will have the ability to better manage incoming ‘tickets’ from customers and serving them in a more sophisticated, streamlined way – making your life easier and your customers happier. Escalate conversations into cases and gain a deeper understanding of your customer happiness levels and feedback.

From HubSpot:

“Your biggest growth driver isn’t marketing. It’s not even sales. It’s your customers. Word of mouth and referrals are today’s most persuasive marketing. But today’s customers have more options and higher expectations than ever. To help, HubSpot is working on a brand new product line aimed at helping your customers succeed. We call it the Customer Hub.”

Another great way to improve customer satisfaction? Adding Live Chat software to your site. Here are the Top 10 Best Live Chat Software your site could benefit from.

Additional Product Updates

Although these updates may seem smaller, we’re super pumped about them – as most will allow us to better serve clients, help marketing teams tie all marketing to the impact on the bottom line and streamline all marketing efforts.

New Campaign Reporting
With new Campaign Reporting, you can connect even your widest-reaching initiatives to your business’s bottom line: traffic, conversions, and most important of all revenue. No more uncounted marketing tactics. Get credit for your work.
Shopify Integration
A powerful new integration with Shopify fully integrates your online store to HubSpot so you can easily track sales, trigger transactional emails, and analyze purchasing patterns.
Facebook Audiences & Lead Ads
A new integration with Facebook Ads, lets you use HubSpot smartlists to build targeting audiences and create, track, and sync lead ads with HubSpot.
Content Strategy
The rules of SEO are changing. Keywords are out. Topics and site architecture are in. Thankfully, HubSpot’s Content Strategy tool will help adapt to these changes and get more organic traffic with less content than ever before.
Account Based Marketing
HubSpot is introducing a new integration with leading ABM company Terminus and new targeting features like syncing HubSpot lists to Facebook audiences. For companies with a small addressable market, complementing your inbound strategy with ABM can be a game changer.
Instagram Reminders
HubSpot Social is adding a native Instagram integration that features the ability to draft and schedule Instagram posts.

Have questions about any of these updates? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Which update are you most excited about?