How to Increase Your Email Open Rates in 4 Simple Steps

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates in 4 Simple Steps

2016-06-21 10:00:00 | radiantmarketing | email marketing,website

Have you ever put hours into designing a beautiful e-newsletter only to have a dismal email open rate? No doubt that’s frustrating. But you’re not alone.

The average email open rate across all industries is between 20% and 25%. If your email open rates are in the single digits, it might be time to adjust your email marketing strategy.

We’ve put together a guide for you to follow that will hopefully help you increase those email open rates!

Step One: Entice Your Readers

The very most important part of any email is the subject line. It gives your readers a preview of what they can expect from your email. Many newsletter subject lines sound spammy, and others are just plain boring. The goal of your subject line should be to attract your readers! It should be relevant to the content inside the email, but it should be eye-catching and interesting. Write subject lines that your readers just can’t pass up to increase your email open rates.

Step Two: Segment Your List

Although your subscribers are all interested in your business, that doesn’t mean they have the same interests overall. Segmenting your list by demographics and behaviors (clicks on your website, downloads, etc.) will help you send the right content to the right people. After all, you want your readers to be interested in the email content, so it’s in your best interest to cater to what they like.

Step Three: Optimize for Mobile

Studies are showing that mobile email open rates are on the rise. 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device now. That means more than half of your recipients will be using their phone or tablet to view your email. If your email isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, it will reflect poorly on your business when the email layout is messed up.

If you want to learn more about mobile, check out these 3 tips for creating a beautiful mobile experience.

Step Four: Resend Unopened Emails

Many people will leave emails unopened with plans to view it later. However, with the number of email subscriptions the average person has, your email could get buried and they never think about it again.If you notice a high unopen rate, go ahead and send the exact same email to those people. You’ll be able to increase your email open rates, and you won’t even have to craft a new email!

Email marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to connect with your audience, so it’s important that you make the most out of the practice. Remember these four steps if you want to increase your email open rates!