How to Create a Stellar Content Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

How to Create a Stellar Content Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

2018-10-12 01:54:31 | Khylie Gardner | content strategy,marketing tips

When you’re on a budget, a good content marketing plan can make or break your business. It is one of the most efficient ways to create brand awareness, nurture relationships with your target audiences, and attract new leads to your business.  When it’s done well, a content marketing strategy can help to boost the traffic to your business’s website, increase your following on social media, and create brand-loyal customers who stick with your business for years to come.

We’ve talked a lot about how to craft content marketing in the past – but here’s are 3 easy ways to ensure that a content marketing plan elevates your brand and makes your business stand out.

3 Simple Ways to Create an Epic Content Marketing Plan

One: Appeal to your Brand Companion

A good content marketing plan can do wonders for helping you focus on your key audience segments at every stage in their journey towards becoming a lifelong customer. Build a content strategy that appeals to your brand companion (the people for whom your business was made) in the following ways:

  • Position your brand by using your customers’ pain points, benefits, and success priorities
  • Provide clients with exactly what they need to know to make decisions
  • Use copy to address their concerns
  • Use specific calls-to-action to direct customers onto the next step
  • Allow people to self-identify as your ideal customer base
  • Connect with their reasons for taking action in the first place

Two: Build Trust and Authority

Creating content is an excellent way to enhance how the public perceives your brand. When you create longer content, you improve clients’ perceived value of your brand. You can also increase how you perform in search rankings on platforms such as Google, making your brand easier to find without completely breaking the bank by paying for such high rankings. High value content helps you to build reciprocity with your clients and establishes your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Three: Appeal to Customers’ Psyches

The human brain is a fascinating thing. Good content appeals to the ways that our brains work in order to inspire us towards action. If you aren’t sure how to create content that does this, consider this simple rule: start with a story that appeals to the heart of what your customer feels and desires.

The human brain loves and responds positively to a good story. We use feelings and experiences to help us make our decisions, and a good story will connect with our emotions–which in turns stimulates our brain, releasing hormones that activate our hippocampus and sharpen our memory. This enhances recall and makes us feel compelled to do something. A good story also inspires our audience to use their imagination, helping them to envision possible outcomes for themselves. 

Build on these 3 elements in order to create a solid content marketing plan for your business and watch your sales start to soar.

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