How to Come Up With Fresh Blog Post Ideas [3 Tips]

How to Come Up With Fresh Blog Post Ideas [3 Tips]

2019-07-12 19:00:00 | Melissa Little | digital marketing tips,healthcare marketing

As much as we’d like to believe our potential clients only use sound logic and reasoning to make their purchasing decisions, the truth is that emotion is often what inspires them to take action. Your blog is a fantastic place to infuse emotion into your brand—it’s where you can tell stories, share helpful tips, and really bond with your patients.

But because your potential prospects are bombarded with ads, information, and visuals daily, you’ll need to be more creative with your blog content to stand out.

Creativity combined with brand awareness and powerful anecdotes is the cocktail that inspires, motivates and elicits action from your audiences. With some stellar creative ideas and a little imagination throughout your content your business could engage with more clients online and ultimately become more successful.

However, you may feel like the part of your brain that generates those creative ideas has gone on vacation, or you’ve hit a creative plateau. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut about what to write about next, here are three ways for coming up with fresh, exciting blog post ideas.

3 ways to discover fresh, innovative blog post ideas for your wellness brand

Find out what your potential patients really want to know.  Scour social media, Yelp, and Google reviews of other health and wellness brands like yours. See what people love, don’t like, or are confused about. Reddit is another great place to see what people really think about a topic. For example, if you are a wellness practitioner who seeks to help patients understand more about their gut health, search for “Gut health” on Reddit and see what discussions or questions people are asking. If you start to see the same questions over and over again, boom. You have your next blog topic.

Ask potential clients directly.  One of the beautiful aspects about social media is that it allows wellness brands like yours to directly connect with potential or current clients. If you’re unsure what to write about next, ask your clients what they’d like to know. You can even create a small survey to see what your social media following is truly interested in. The more feedback you receive from them, the better content you’ll create, and the more readers you’ll generate.

Use Amazon “Look Inside”.  This one might seem a little strange, but it results in a complete goldmine of tailor-made blog post ideas for your wellness brand. Perhaps you have an idea about what you’d like to cover, but the topic is so broad you’re not sure where to start. Enter your search query into Amazon (for example, “anti-inflammatory diet”). Search for book titles that are best-sellers and/or have a good ratio of positive to negative reviews. Then, use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to see the table of contents of your top book picks. Use what you see in the table of contents as ideas for your next several blog posts! It’s a simple way to write about exactly what your ideal clients are looking for.

Keep the creative spark alive with these 3 tips for new blog post ideas.

From an inbound perspective, content should be used to attract visitors, convert those visitors into leads and close those leads into customers.  If your content isn’t currently doing this for you, it’s time to make a change. Use these three tips to avoid stale, unimaginative content and fight against writer’s block. Once you start using these strategies, you’ll be amazed at how the ideas just start flowing.

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Originally posted April 4, 2016 – updated and republished on July 12, 2019