How to Build a Website

How to Build a Website

2015-12-16 07:17:25 | radiantmarketing | small business marketing,website

Congratulations! You’re on your first step as a small business owner toward pursuing your dreams of starting your own business. We salute you! Now you’re probably facing the common problem that new entrepreneurs face during this time, which is tackling the obstacle of of how to build a website! We can help. Here are 4 steps you can take today to both learn HOW to build a website & how to build a website THAT DRIVES BUSINESS.

Step One: Choose Your Domain

Once you have a solid idea of who your target audience is, how you will solve their pain points with your products or services, and in what ways you will differentiate yourself – it’s time to learn how to build a website for it! First, pick your domain. In other words, choose what name (URL) your website will have! It’s important that your domain reflects the message that your company would like to portray, and that it is unique and creative. This can seem daunting, but don’t worry. You’ll want to choose a domain with a .com address available, and ideally includes keywords that will directly connect your ideal customers to your page. When selecting your domain, you will also be choosing your domain name registrar, which could also serve as your website builder and host provider – so choose wisely! For small business owners, a good option may be GoDaddy, which offers great support and low-cost package options.

Step Two: Choose Your Platform

Once you’ve determined your domain, regsitrar and hosting, it’s time to decide on your content management platform! We recommend starting with a content management platform you are comfortable with when you are going to build your own website. There are a few popular inexpensive options you can choose from, including GoDaddy, Joomla and our personal favorite, WordPress. WordPress is a free content management system, which helps you create your website at a lower cost, and has endless support forums and plugins to make site creation a breeze. Check out these tips for this platform and how to get started.

Step Three: Make it Your Own

Once you begin to build your own website, you can tie in brand elements and customizations that make the site your own. Platforms such as WordPress are simple to personalize, with thousands of themes and plugin options to choose from – that allow you to create a website without needing to know code. There are plenty of guides to help you with making your website unique.

Step Four: Content, Content, Content (Awesome Content of Course)

Prospects will be viewing your website as the main representation of what your brand represents and delivers on. You can use text, pictures, client testimonials, and an easy to navigate system to make your visitor’s experience worthwhile. As much as you want to make your website your own, you also want to provide unique and valuable content that attracts customers to you. Utilizing specific keywords and phrases your audience is searching to create awesome content will help to drive qualified traffic to your site and increase your rankings in search engines.

Understanding the importance of how to build a website to be a spectacular representation of your brand as well as a being your primary lead generator, is key to creating an effective site. Take these steps one at a time, and if you need help – we’re here for you!