Great Entrepreneurs Are Creative Thinkers

Great Entrepreneurs Are Creative Thinkers

2016-05-31 09:00:00 | Jessica Van Liew | creative ideas,entrepreneur,inspiration

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”—Erich Fromm

One of the most crucial elements of entrepreneurship is not being hard-working, passionate, disciplined or smart.  What is the most important quality an entrepreneur should possess?  Creativity.   

Creativity is the fuel for the entrepreneurial fire.  Every project, every business will begin with an idea—that creative spark.  

Highly Successful Entrepreneurs are Creative Thinkers

Great entrepreneurs are truly creative people.  Creativity leads to innovation which leads to improvement one way or the other.  Here’s how thinking creatively leads to success:

  • You are able to creatively look beyond the present and imagine possible futures for the business
  • You are driven to steer your business in new directions
  • Creating new ideas gives you a competitive edge over the competition
  • Creative thinking helps you think up new and fresh innovative ways to improve your business and/or product
  • You have the ability to think outside the box
  • It fosters innovation
  • You are quick to act and able to seize opportunities
  • It helps you transcend boundaries
  • You are always alert to changes in your industry
  • You are always evaluating new possibilities and pushing the boundaries—always experimenting
  • Imagination helps lead you to never before explored areas

Ready to jumpstart your creative juices? Keep the creative content spark alive with these 3 tips to bringing on those creative ideas.


4 Creative Thinkers in Action

Need some inspiration or maybe a starting point?  Creative Entrepreneurs helps you to do just that with 4 of the most creative people out there who share their failures and successes, ups and downs and motivations and inspirations.  Learn from the best creative thinkers in the business:

Try to find a way to build your business creativity muscle every day and join the ranks of other creative thinkers.  The more you can develop your creative edge, the more of a competitive advantage you give yourself as an entrepreneur.


Start building your future today.  Building the foundation for a successful future takes some time so don’t put it off any longer!  Get started today and facilitate lasting growth for your business.