Facebook Cover Dos and Don’ts

Facebook Cover Dos and Don’ts

2016-07-28 10:00:00 | Jessica Van Liew | social media marketing,website

Where would you say the first place people look when they arrive at your Facebook Page?  Your Facebook cover photo.  Your Facebook cover photo is public and can be viewed by anyone—whether they like your page or not.  It’s important to never miss the chance to engage your audience visually.  Learning how to create and optimize your cover photo is extremely important. 

Ready to create the ultimate, interesting and attention-grabbing Facebook cover photo for your business profile?  Follow these dos and don’ts to get started!

Do learn the correct cover photo dimensions

Every social media platform has different dimension.  Here are Facebook’s dimensions.  Knowing these will save you a lot of time having to reedit your cover photo multiple times. 

Don’t ignore Facebook’s cover photo guidelines

Learn Facebook’s guidelines like the back of your hand to avoid breaking any rules.  You don’t want to have your cover photo taken down by not being informed of their guidelines. 

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Do make it something people take notice of and will remember

Since your Facebook cover photo is typically the very first thing people will see, it may also be their first impression of your business.  Keep it clean, simple and the same color scheme as the rest of your Facebook page.  Unusual and funny cover images tend to stand out and stick in people’s memory so you could try going that direction. 

Don’t get messy

Make sure your cover photo has a crystal clear focal point and that the image you create is simple.  If it’s one with too much text or confusing in any way, chances are people will be more likely to click off the page.  Try to include a single subject as your focal point in the photo and use any empty space as an advantage to make the copy or subject stand out even more. 

Incorporate these 4 tips when you set out to create your Facebook cover photo to engage your audience—not turn them off.