Email Management: How to Handle Your Inbox Like a Boss

Email Management: How to Handle Your Inbox Like a Boss

2016-11-23 11:00:00 | radiantmarketing |

There is one undeniable truth of business: Email makes the world go round. It is the main communication tool for most businesses because it is incredibly quick and convenient to use. Despite its overwhelming popularity in the business world, many people misuse email and hinder their productivity.

Nothing can sabotage your productivity like an out-of-control inbox.  If you’re feelign the effects of email overload, you’ve come to the right place.  


We’re giving you our best email management tips to help you dominate your inbox like a boss.

Check Your Email Less

If you’re used to checking your email several times an hour, this might sound crazy. Hear us out for a second: Checking your email can often serve as a distraction from the more important tasks on your to-do list, which means that you’re actually disrupting your workflow and decreasing your productivity.

Rather than responding to emails throughout the day, we recommend setting aside a specific timeframe each day to answer emails. It is best to do this at either the beginning or end of your day, as a way to ease into and wind down from the day’s tasks. This will set you up for a more successful workday and help you to feel less overwhelmed. It’s alright to check your emails periodically throughout the day to make sure that nothing urgent needs taking care of, but avoid answering emails outside of your designated time frame. If you don’t manage to process your entire inbox in that time, continue your email management at the same time the next day.

Acknowledge When Emails are Sent to You

Another easy email management tip is to always reply to emails where you have been included in the To: line. A quick response from you allows the sender to know that you have received their message and that they can check it off of their list. These responses don’t have to be lengthy – a simple “Got it” or “Thanks” can often go a long way in reducing stress for all parties. This can also help you to avoid follow up emails with essentially the same content, meaning that it will be easier for you to maintain an uncluttered inbox.

Hit the Unsubscribe Button

One of the biggest hurdles of developing  a good email management system is dealing with the amount of newsletters, email blasts, and subscriptions that find their way into your inbox every day. Oftentimes, we are subscribed to email lists for things that we aren’t really interested in – and which don’t help us improve our business at all. If you have noticed that your subscription emails tend to end up in the trash without being opened, it’s time to start unsubscribing from the things you don’t read. Every time that you receive an email and move it to the trash, commit to unsubscribing immediately instead. This will save you from receiving annoying, unnecessary emails and free up room for the content you really do want to read.

Don’t let email overload sabotage your productivity anymore.  Use these helpful tips and better productivity starts today!