Content Marketing Methods to Dazzle & Attract

Content Marketing Methods to Dazzle & Attract

2017-02-24 13:00:00 | Jessica Van Liew | content strategy,creative ideas

In a vast sea of free e-books, blog posts and infographics, how are you keeping your marketing afloat?  There’s a reason so many businesses turn to content marketing: great content fuels efforts to reach and engage customers at every single stage of the buying process.  And it’s not just content from your competitors that you are going up against.  It’s trying to stand apart from all of the other content every person is bombarded with and engaging with  every single day—from Snaps to YouTube videos to their best friends latest Instagram photo.  

It is all too easy to fall into a rut when it comes to content marketing methods.  The most important asset you have as a marketer is your creativity.  Period. So harness that creativity to make sure your content marketing methods aren’t just disappearing into the abyss.   

Here are 2 crucial factors to make your content marketing methods standout.

Be a Person.  Not a Robot

There is so much content out there that is bland and boring.  No sign of engagement, no energy and definitely nothing of its writer’s personality anywhere to be found.  Keep your tone friendly, inviting and always engaging.  One trick is to imagine yourself catching up with an old friend.  Speak as casually and simply as you can. You wouldn’t bombard your friend with a bunch of jargon or promotions.  Sometimes as writers we freeze up and forget that we are talking to people on the other side of our screens.  Write like a human—to another human.  Because you are! (We hope…)


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Know Your Reader to Find Your Content Sweet Spot

Do you know precisely who your audience is?  Do you know what keeps them up at night?  What their biggest pains or fears are?  Think of well-targeted content like a laser beam on your audience.  Your target audience is the reason for your message.  Having a deep level of understanding for them, their language style, pain points and communication habits will help you to create the right kind of information and also determine the best means to distribute it to them.  Once you learn your target audience’s needs and interests, you hold the key to becoming a partner on their journey ahead.  

Imagine the difference if you were to apply these two content marketing methods in creating your next piece of content.  Your dazzling and audience-focused content is what will separate you from the mainstream.