Beat Distractions with these 3 Tips on Staying Focused at Work

Beat Distractions with these 3 Tips on Staying Focused at Work

2016-07-14 10:00:00 | Jessica Van Liew | Business,entrepreneur,focus

You’re sitting at your desk and Google effective tips for staying focused at work.  As you open up one article, you see Justin Timberlake is trending and click to find out why.  Now, you are in YouTube watching some of your favorite music videos that you haven’t seen for a long time.  You text your friend about that concert you went to back in college and go back and forth about weekend plans.  You open up Instagram and stay there for who knows how long.  Then, you realize you have 67 emails in your inbox. 

Sound familiar? 

For most people working from home or in an office, it is all-too easy to become distracted.  But when you find that much sought after, and often elusive, focus, it helps things get done effortlessly—and efficiently.  Avoiding distractions will help you stay super productive all workday long. 

The reality is, we waste a lot of time at work.  Find your mind wandering off during the day at your desk?  Here’s how you can maintain focus, get your work done and out of the office faster!

We’ve rounded up 3 great ways to maximize your productivity and clarity when it comes to staying focused at work. 

Work offline

Ready for a scary stat?  Nearly 60% of work distractions come from social networks, email and cell phones.  So for any of your tasks that you don’t need to involve the Internet, try stepping away from technology and silence your phone, close out email and any social media tabs you have up.  You can “like” your friend’s vacation pics later. 


Your first hour at work is where people are most productive.  This is because you arrive fresh and energized before hitting the ground running.  Try adding any difficult or challenging tasks on your to-do list during that first hour each day.  Less pressing work should follow suit as the day progresses. 

Don’t lose focus of your brand! 

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Train your mind to focus

Your mind is like a muscle that must be trained.  If multitasking is your norm, your brain will quickly adapt.  Distraction can easily become a habit and you can lose the ability to focus.  Instead, turn off any distractions and practice concentrating on each task at hand.  Maybe start out small with ten minute chunks of time and work your way up to larger chunks of time.  Give your focus and good workout and train your  mind like a muscle!

Take control over your day with more time spent on the tasks that bring you and your business the biggest results.  And that’s just 3 of our helpful tips to staying focused at work!  Stay tuned for more!