5 Inbound Marketing Experts Whose Twitter Accounts Are a Goldmine

5 Inbound Marketing Experts Whose Twitter Accounts Are a Goldmine

2017-06-22 10:00:00 | Khylie Gardner | inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about using a digital platform to bring your prospective customers to you, instead of duking it out for their attention with more traditional techniques. It relies on creating awesome content for your audience and attracting qualified leads who will keep coming back. Whether you’re new to the inbound scene or an established pro yourself, here’s our list of five inbound marketing experts whose Twitter accounts are bursting with helpful advice that is sure to inspire you.

Learn From the Masters: 5 Inbound Marketing Experts Who Share Their Wisdom on Twitter

Amber Naslun – @AmberCadabra

Amber is a social media and inbound marketing expert. Her Twitter account is often used as a platform to help marketers improve their strategy. Bonus: she’s hilarious, and her tweets are a delight.

Donald Miller – @DonaldMiller

Donald Miller is the founder of StoryBrand, an awesome marketing agency that helps people to clarify their marketing message and grow their businesses. His Twitter account is a beacon of digital marketing – they are full of his own advice and the advice of the inbound marketing experts he works with.

Rachel Goodman Moore – @GoodmanRE

Previously of HubSpot and currently at Moz, Rachel Goodman Moore works to introduce fresh, frequently updated content on how to do inbound marketing. Her Twitter account is a treasure trove of inbound marketing expertise.

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Ann Handley  – @MarketingProfs

Ann Hadley’s Twitter bio tells it like it is: she’s waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing. This Boston-based powerhouse is the Head of Content at the esteemed resource (and one of our faves), MarketingProfs. Ann tells it like it is, and you’ll be thankful that she does.

Neal Schaffer – @NealSchaffer

Neal Schaffer is the author of Maximize Your Social, one of the best social media marketing guides out there. His focus is on helping businesses to generate ROI through social media. Neal often tweets about his speaking engagements – so if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be able to learn from the master in person!