5 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

5 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

2015-12-23 12:00:26 | radiantmarketing | social media marketing

With over 30 million small businesses on Facebook, it is hard to deny that Facebook is a fantastic way to connect and engage with clients and customers. But it’s only a great tool if you are using it correctly. Poor management of your business’s Facebook page could really hurt your business.

We know that social media marketing can be difficult if you don’t have the appropriate tools or know-how. There are so many things that you can do with social media that it’s hard to know where to start. But no matter what your business is doing on Facebook, avoid these 5 Facebook mistakes at all costs!

Winging It

Managing your business’s Facebook page is nothing like managing your personal profile. You can’t just post whenever you feel like it. You have to maintain the balance of not posting too much, but posting enough to keep your page relevant. For every business, the number of posts per day will vary depending on your follower engagement. Make sure you utilize Facebook Insights. Those insights can help you determine what kinds of posts your audience likes, how many posts is too much, and even what time of day your page sees the most activity. Managing a successful Facebook business page requires time and strategy.

Only Self-Promoting

Your followers do not just want to see you promoting your brand. That gets old very fast. There should always be a variety of different posts on your wall. We suggest following the 80/20 content rule. The 80/20 content rule means that 80% of the content on your business page should be fun and valuable content that your followers will be interested in. This could be sharing articles, blog posts, or any other re-purposed content you find relevant to your business. The other 20% should be content about your business. Your business-related content could include promotions, events, or simple updates. Following this rule will keep your page from getting overly promotional, and keep your audience interested.

Ignoring Your Followers

Your followers on Facebook are all potential – or existing – customers and clients. Do not ignore them. If someone comments on a post, or messages your page directly, be sure to respond to them in a timely manner. You want to leave them with a good impression of your business. Similarly, if someone posts something you are interested in, like or comment on it! Your engagement could win you a new client.

Lacking Personality

Just like your brand has a personality, so should your Facebook page. So if your business is a little goofy, feel free to be goofy on Facebook. You want your Facebook page to mirror your brand voice. Just be sure to keep it appropriately professional.

Not Proofreading

No matter what you do, never forget to proofread! It will reflect very poorly on your business if your Facebook page is riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Always proofread a post before sharing it!

Remember to keep these rules in mind when marketing your business on Facebook!