4 Steps to Crush Creative Burnout

4 Steps to Crush Creative Burnout

2016-09-08 10:00:00 | Jessica Van Liew | business tips,creative ideas,inspiration

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

What the funk?!

Sometimes it just happens no matter what we do.  We find ourselves stuck in a creative funk.  Creative burnout is all-too real and we just can’t escape that nagging feeling that can grind your workday productivity to a halt.  

If you’ve found yourself in a creative slump, it can throw you head-on into an uncertain, disorienting fog – leaving you unmotivated and incapacitated.  

But there’s a silver lining.  

Every entrepreneur goes through this from time to time—so you’re not alone.  And the faster you can learn how to crush and conquer creative burnout, the quicker you can get right back on track to finish your workload and come up with some fresh new ideas to innovate and excite.  

We’ve come up with some awesomely effective techniques to keep creative burnout in check.  Breakthrough your creative burnout with this 4 tips.

Ready, Set, Break!

Taking a break while you’re already behind may seem like the worst possible idea.  But, it can be precisely what you need to get out of that slump.  Studies have shown that after a long period of focus, the brain’s resources can drop, hindering overall performance.  Even a few minutes away from your desk can help you to get unstuck and restore the brain’s ability to think creatively.  So step outside, take some deep breaths and enjoy a moment or two to yourself!

Work it Out

If you encounter a creative block, one of the best and quickest ways to get your endorphins going and blood pumping is to get moving.  Take a hike, go for a nice, brisk walk, hit the gym.  Exercise will help clear your head and stimulate new ideas through a different setting.  In fact, changing up your scenery and activity is one of the most powerful ways to boost your creativity.  Take Haruki Murakami for example.  He’s a spectacular novelist who revealed his obsession with running and how it fuels his creative process.   

Keep the creative content spark alive with these 3 tips to bringing on those creative ideas.

Start Drinking

Although drinking wine has been linked to broadening your creativity horizons, we’re talking about chugging some good ol’ fashioned H2O.  It really is crazy how something as simple as water can make an enormous impact on your mental clarity.  Our brains are made up of 90 percent water!  So, the less water you supply it with, the less it’s able to function at peak performance.  Try to drink at the very least  8-ounce glasses every day.  

Hit the Reset Button

The tips above will help if your creative burnout is temporary.  But if you find yourself feeling stuck and your flame slowly burning out over and over it may be time to consider a total reset.  If you can’t quite shake off that creative burnout, it may be time for a bigger change.  Listen to your gut.  Moving in an entirely new direction may be just the solution you’re searching for.  

As a creative professional, you will face the very real potential for burning out.  The secret to combatting creative burnout isn’t luck.  It’s a deliberate decision to keep the fire burning.  Start radiating that creativity!