3 Tips for Defeating the Snooze Button to be a Successful Entrepreneur

3 Tips for Defeating the Snooze Button to be a Successful Entrepreneur

2016-12-08 13:00:00 | radiantmarketing | entrepreneur,productivity

If your usual morning routine leaves you feeling like a zombie until that third cup of coffee kicks in, then there’s a good chance that your mornings aren’t particularly productive. But anyone who has ever tried to start a business will tell you that those early hours are crucial, because being a successful entrepreneur often means keeping superhuman schedules in order to check everything off of their to-do lists. If you struggle to get started before 10 AM (or even later), achieving your business goals can feel impossible.

We’ve compiled our 3 best tips to help you defeat the snooze button to be a successful entrepreneur.

Create a Morning Routine

Many people start their morning by committing one fatal error: checking their social media and email. When you connect to your networks first thing in the morning, you prioritize the needs and lives of other people. Instead of doing this, use your mornings to focus on yourself. The morning can be a great time to take care of yourself – and doing so can help you get set for a truly productive day. We recommend listening to a podcast or upbeat music to start your day, and scheduling in plenty of time for a nutritious breakfast. Check out these 52 easy weekday breakfasts from Bon Appetite to get started.

Cut Yourself Off At Night

If you’re a small business owner, it can be hard to know when to call it a day. Remember that even the most driven of us need a good night’s rest and time to reset after a long day. If you’re used to reading your work emails or catching up on the news after hours, we recommend switching to something more restful – try picking up a fictional book or even watching a tv show at the end of a long day. We all need time to zone out with less stressful activities, and research has shown that this can help you to relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Try Yoga

If you’re having a hard time slowing down at the end of the day and getting started in the morning, we recommend giving yoga a go. Yoga is a great way to center yourself at the beginning and end of your day, and can help you frame your day for maximum productivity. Learn how to wake up early with these yoga stretches or try calming down in the evening with this routine from Huffington Post.

We hope that these tips will help you learn how to wake up early and make the most of your day! They’ve worked for us and we are confident that they can work for you, too.

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