3 Steps to the Most Productive Day Ever

3 Steps to the Most Productive Day Ever

2016-11-10 11:00:00 | radiantmarketing | business tips,productivity

We all know someone who is just  naturally productive. They wake up in the morning ready to tackle the day ahead of them, and rarely need more than a single cup of coffee before they are out of the door. They accomplish all of their goals and meet every deadline. To put it simply, they are productivity wizards.For the rest of us, anyway,, having a truly productive day can be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way, though!

There are three things that we can all learn from the productivity wizards in our lives.

Switch Up Your Morning Routine

This is productivity wizard 101. If your typical morning involves hitting the snooze button one too many times, or if you usually find yourself pulling into the office with just two minutes to spare, your morning routine could be setting you up for failure throughout the day.  Research conducted by the University of Nottingham’s Dr. Travis Bradberry shows that a less hectic morning routine can increase productivity throughout the day. To have your most productive day ever, put more thought into how you spend your mornings. Just taking time to sit down with  a cup of coffee could do wonders. We love to take this time to collect our thoughts and set goals for the day ahead.

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Take Breaks

Are you noting a trend yet? The most profitable or fruitful  day is not the day that you are running around from meeting to meeting, or the day where you skip lunch in favor of sending out one more email blast. The most productive day is a day when you work with intention and approach tasks thoughtfully. To avoid burnout and increase overall productivity, taking breaks throughout the day is crucial. Five minutes of socializing or light exercise can do wonders for the body and the brain, making it easier to focus on important tasks. We recommend taking a five-minute break every few hours to grab a glass of water (hydration is important for productivity, too!) and do a quick lap around the building.

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Get in a Positive Mindset

Positive thinking is one of the things that productive people do best. Maintaining a favorable or practical mindset is key to achieving your business goals. Not only does it make you a more pleasant person to work with – there is also a plethora of research, which suggests that a promising or hopeful  outlook can increase your brain’s ability to solve problems creatively and quickly. To get yourself into the right frame of mind, we recommend listening to upbeat music while you work (or on your commute). This can help improve your mood and set you up to have a more productive day.