3 Common Misconceptions about Inbound Marketing

3 Common Misconceptions about Inbound Marketing

2016-07-18 23:27:32 | radiantmarketing | inbound marketing

Just a few years ago, marketing departments were telling people what they “had to have”. But those days are gone. In today’s world, consumers know what they want, and more importantly, they know how to find it. They use the Internet to educate themselves about various products and services so they can make informed buying decisions.

This increased access to information has given rise to a new way to attract customers – inbound marketing. Instead of pushing OUT marketing messages, marketers are crafting enticing content that will, if done right, bring consumers IN. Because it’s still a fairly new marketing discipline, there are a lot of misconceptions about inbound marketing.

Below are three fairly common misconceptions about inbound marketing.

1. You will see results quickly.

Let’s get this one out of the way right up front. In spite of what some overzealous marketers may tell you, you won’t see results overnight. While there are some tactics that can boost traffic, your company is not likely to become an overnight success. That requires you to increase website credibility, build a strong social media following, and develop a substantial email list. All of which requires relevant, timely, and high quality content. But if you’re patient, and stick to your inbound marketing plan, we promise, you will see results.

2. Inbound marketing won’t work for everyone.

Well, that’s actually true. It won’t. But nothing works for everyone. That said, if you’re selling a quality product or service that meets a need in the market, inbound marketing will deliver results. Depending on your industry, you may have to work a little harder to create and maintain excitement around your offering, but it can be done. The important thing to remember is there is no one-size-fits-all approach to inbound marketing. You have to see what’s working for others in your industry, or in a complementary industry. Draw inspiration from what others are doing and create your own unique approach.

3. My buyers aren’t online.

That statement is as short-sighted as a 1950s era business saying their buyers don’t watch television. Maybe your typical buyer wasn’t online a few years ago, but that’s probably no longer true. Right now there are almost 3.2 billion internet users worldwide. That’s nearly half the 7.4+ billion total population. If you’re only marketing in the U.S., consider this: as of October 2014, 64% of American adults owned a smartphone. As mobile utilization continues to increase, internet usage becomes more common.

Now that we’ve laid some of the common misconceptions about inbound marketing to rest, we hope you have a better understanding of just how effective a tool inbound marketing is.

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