3 Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook

3 Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook

2016-11-08 11:00:00 | radiantmarketing | social media marketing

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is an extremely competitive platform. It can be difficult to get your content seen on a platform with such a selective algorithm for organically reaching your audience. That’s why, no matter where you look, there are reports of falling organic reach on Facebook. Companies around the globe are  putting their efforts into paid reach as a way to combat what they refer to as the “death of organic reach”. But we think that they may be speaking too soon. It is still possible for businesses to achieve amazing results through organic reach, if you know the right tips and tricks.

3 Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. It seems simple enough, but it’s a mistake that many small business owners make. Make sure that you are reaching the right audience organically by paying attention to how you format your content: that means using the right keywords, sharing the right images, and getting your call-to-action just right. To have the biggest impact, all of these elements need to come together in every piece of content: if you are clear about what you want from your audience at every stage, your organic reach will surely grow.

Only Post Things Your Audience Really Cares About

To keep people from feeling overwhelmed, Facebook only shows about 300 stories to each user every day. This means that the key to improving your organic reach isn’t posting multiple pieces of content each day. Instead, small businesses should focus on improving organic reach by posting high quality content that inspires and delights their audiences. Make sure that all of the content you share is highly relevant to both your business and the community that you are dealing with. That cat meme might be funny, but it probably doesn’t belong on your business’s Facebook page Unless, of course, you happen to be a pet store.

Target Your Audience

Most people know how to use Facebook’s audience tools to target their paid posts, but do you know how to take advantage of these settings to improve your company’s organic reach? This is done using the Audience Optimization tool. It has fewer options than it’s counterpart for paid content, but it can help your business make sure that your post is reaching the right people and will maximize your organic reach. The Social Media Examiner has the lowdown on how to use this tool to increase audience engagement with the Audience Optimization tool.