10 Healthy Habits for Working at a Desk

10 Healthy Habits for Working at a Desk

2015-12-22 04:00:02 | radiantmarketing | small business marketing

Do You Sit at a Desk All Day? These 10 Healthy Habits are for you!

Are you sitting down? On average, people spend 9.3 hours a day SITTING. The majority of all that sitting is working at your desk job, but can also include couch time watching TV and time spent driving in your car. So how do you make the most of all this time spent sitting down at your desk and develop healthy habits while at work? Here are 10 healthy habits to start today –

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Change your desk

Consider standing up at your desk—standing allows your body to adjust and move easily flexing your muscles continuously and helps to keep your blood circulating well. Standing while you work gives you more energy and keeps your mind more alert—it’s a lot harder to get sleepy at your desk if you are standing. Standing up all day also helps your posture and core strength. There are even standing treadmill desks available so you can work out while you work.

Move around

Getting up and moving around will boost your energy and helps decompress your spinal discs – your back will thank you for it. Take the stairs, sit on an exercise ball at your desk, or talk to your colleague in person instead of emailing or calling them.

Keep your lunch away from your desk

You will benefit greatly by leaving your desk for your lunch break to eat, work out, or chat with friends and co-workers. Keeping your desk as your place to work and not eat will help eliminate the risk of bacteria on its surface. Work desks have been found to host 400 times more bacteria than a toilet!

Go outside

You will be in a better mood by stepping outside. Get your daily does of Vitamin D and it will enhance both your mood and energy.

Be more productive

Taking a few breaks throughout your workday will help you to refresh and recharge. A break can kick start sleepy brain cells and help to boost productivity.

water cupDrink responsibly

Stay clear of sodas and sugary drinks. They are full of empty calories and full of sugar. If it’s caffeine you crave, try tea or coffee. To stay hydrated, drink lots of water throughout the day—it will keep you from being dehydrated and keep you feeling full to avoid constant desk snacking. Always keep a bottle of water at your desk.

Healthy snacks—stat on snacking more at desk

Studies show that mindless eating while doing something else can make us overeat. Instead of mindlessly munching on empty calories and fattening junk food, keep lots of healthy snacks like veggies, fruit with almond butter, or almonds available to grab when hunger strikes.


Aches and pains and weight gain can all result from sitting hunched over at your desk all day. So what can you do to get rid of your pain and stiffness and ultimately boost your energy and alertness? Stretch it out—performing simple stretching exercises throughout the day will help to release tension from head to toe. It will only take a few minutes out of your hectic day—set an alarm on your cell phone or the calendar on your computer to go off every few hours. Then get up and stretch.

Give your desk a makeover

It is easy to allow your desk to get cluttered and disorganized. But that can affect your work itself—impeding your productivity. A clutter-free desk makes for a clutter-free mine. By adapting some of the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese system of orientation, you will be able to organize your desk and provide a perfect balance without adding stress to your environment.

Exercise in the morning

Start your day off on a healthy note and it will radiate through your whole day encouraging healthy choices. Whether it’s a morning yoga session, or a run through your neighborhood, getting a workout in before work will give you a boost of energy for the day.

Are you sitting right now as you read this? Take a break, get up and move around and come back refreshed and productive to be able to tackle the rest of your day!